Chapter Twenty-One “Conversation with Stillness”

We have moved back from the vesica, against the vertical wall. There is a circular bench here. I, for one, need to sit down. The end of this discourse is approaching, I know, and I’m a little saddened. I turn to V and touch her hand tenderly, saying, “I’m finally understanding what this book is about.”

“Tell me,” she inquires.

“This is an invitation into presence. I see that knowing the Life of Source means developing an intimate, first-hand relationship with the entity that embodies the Now.”

“You are absolutely correct,” answers Omis. “We have brought you into this space that you may resonate with the way we live, the way Life lives us. It is an unceasing joy to participate with Source in this manner—to realize the true nature of who we are. I know that V is feeling the reverence and sincerity of our mission.”

V nods and speaks softly. “Omis, the way you arrived with us was perfect to illustrate the Life of Source. You have emerged directly out living presence, out of the space itself. If I may be poetical, it accentuates the promise of joy held in the wings of stillness.”

I smile. “V, you are a poet!”

She smiles back and continues, “Omis, we are truly blessed to have you appear again and to bring with you the vigor of creation.”

“Well said,” he continues. “Now, let me tell you about Life from the perspective of an angelan. Moreover, it will indicate how humans can begin to live more freely within themselves. What you are calling presence, I know as Life. I know it as the breath and vibration of light and flesh and texture. I know it as quality and beauty and freshness, ever renewing, always enduring. As I say these words, I know thoroughly that Life is the forming agent, the invigorating principle within them.

“When I gaze upon V’s beauty and receive her appreciation, I know that this, too, is Life at work and at play. It dances through us all, in each expression and experience of the universes, moment within moment, for eternity. In my knowing, I realize Life is present; ‘knowing’ is also Life. Consciousness is Life. Just as there is nothing that does not come from Source, there is nothing that is not Life. My being is Life. All of yours, too, is this. We are blessed, by way of a million dimensions, in each gesture and instant of this creative facility.”

Silence takes over strongly before he speaks again. “Tell me now, my human friend, what have you just written? I know you are wanting to tell us about it; and I sense that its energy wants to unfold.” Continue reading

Chapter Twenty – “Crystal Vesica”

Instead of the crystal-domed Grand Palais, there is a luminous, etheric mountain behind Omis. It climbs vertically hundreds of meters. Its façade is carved with countless openings and large, high windows. Immediately in front of us is the gaping arched entrance we’ve visited before. I see into the interior where exquisite marble floors stretch inward. Along their way, the spacious halls branch off into many, smaller passages and caverns. The transparency of the walls adds to our vision of the depths and complexities of this massif. I look back to Omis.

The angelan continues staring at me. “Let me explain that our recent diversion into the process of creation was necessary. This was to alert you to your role here. It is the same role for anyone participating in our visit or reading the document you are producing. If you are seeing, hearing or listening to these proceedings, you—as authentic Source—are creating them. It then becomes your responsibility and opportunity to unfold their meaning and value—by virtue of your identity with Source!”

Omis motions us into the Akasha now. We seem to glide, more than walk, into the sacred space. As with the other visits I’ve made, I see everything is made of golden light—the floors, the pillars and walls, the vines and trees that cling to the escarpments. I recall that each centimeter of the substance around us is composed of memories from lifetimes lived by countless trillions of incarnate creatures from all over the Cosmos.

Each lifetime is held in a pristine sphere of vital remembrance. If it is embedded in the floor or wall, it somehow generates the flatness required to represent the marble form. As we walk, our feet are treading on these lives. It’s rather like walking over graves in a cemetery. It does no disrespect, however. We are not actually touching anything as we move; hence, the sensation of gliding. We float a millimeter above. Continue reading

“Nous Sommes Charlie”

It is with great sadness that we face another round of cruel and inhuman treatment by fellow human beings toward others. Nowhere in the mythology of divine gods and goddesses do we see killing for the sake of the Divine Nature.

It is placed within all scripture as a means for men to glorify their lust for taking of life. No God, in the true sense of the word, would destroy that which is made up of It. That which is a part of It and that where only It exists.

We are fools to think that we are separate and apart from the Divine Being. Each and every one of us is that Being, as each and every atom inside us, makes us whole and is truly who we are. And we are the atoms of Divine Being, experiencing that which is life, defined by that Divine Self.

The ego, in its Divine Form, is a splendid exaltation of Self. In its lower self, its human self, it is an experiment with dire consequences. Our evolution beyond the lower nature of things is a slow process. We are close to the breakthrough, but the last legs of ignorance still linger within us and we are in great need of transforming  it once and for all.

This last leg does take great courage. It means that we must release ourselves from the clutches of greed and selfishness, hunger for power and recognition.

This is the greatest challenge humankind faces at this moment. Once we breakthrough to the side of unconditional Love, the Wave that regenerates the Absolute Beauty of Life, we will be saved. Until then “Nous Sommes Charlie.”

With that said, I am reposting the Epilogue from Letters from 500 here. It certainly is food for thought.

Why Souls Come to Earth

“O, I’ve recently been reading about a theory that the Earth is like a training ground for souls. I have a question for you.”


“Hey, you’re picking up the lingo, aren’t you. According to this theory, we proceed through many incarnations, from the beginning as young souls, to an end-point as old ones.”

Indeed it is so.

“They say we have a hundred or so lifetimes on this planet, in which we gradually gather a full range of practical life experiences. Finally, we graduate out of the system and move on to something else. Well, when I thought about what I was reading, I began to have some questions about the future you’ve been describing.”

This is more than a theory to me. I am living it. I know the reasons we’re here.

“So, what are those reasons?”

The simplest reason for coming to Earth is to have practical, physical experience that is not possible in the soul realm. When souls make the decision to come here, they buy into a broad commitment to become wiser and fuller beings in the cosmic arena. The purpose is growth, engagement and adventure. For any given soul, however, it is really only one event. All the many lives are mere aspects of that one, overarching event. It’s not like the soul has to keep renewing its vows with each life. Every incarnation is seen as simultaneous by the soul. Continue reading


This past year has seen many heartrending events on this mighty blue marble. As a small pinhole of existence in this vast universe our actions seem to have little effect on the big picture. But yet, a drop in the sea creates a different pattern and that pattern alters the entire scene. We now must enter a space of stillness and contemplate our future. Embracing our egoic self and loving its transformation into unconditional selflessness is our Soul’s greatest desire. Here lies the challenge of 2015. I know we can meet it with grace.


(image courtesy of Bruno Torfs)

Chapter Nineteen – “City of Light”

V and I drift for a long while within the Void. It is at once like a memory and a presentiment of all other experiences—ever; but as always, the reality is only Now. Time has slipped away into inconsequence. We are enfolded and embraced by the great, grand, ineffable emptiness, the ocean of creation. Even in its holy, omnipresent grandeur there is also a tingling intimacy in every point of space. This is the vast Mother of all, the ultimate, universal ‘Mary’ and ‘Grace’.

In this grace we float on inchoate waves of inspiration. There is no thing, and yet there is essence of all things yet to be or that ever were. A gentle feeling of falling attends the floating. I realize now—after all my visits—why it always feels like I’m falling: The Void is ever opening below, into greater and more infinite depths. It draws us down into its bosom, beyond any estimation of what might lie there. The profundity is the falling sensation—inspiration yet to be formed. In this space, I understand at last, it is ‘opening’ that I’ve always interpreted as falling. I have at last grown comfortable with the Void! It is the eternal opening of Source, archetype to the vesica piscis.

I naturally lose mental memory of the experience as it proceeds. Nevertheless, there is an impression that feeds back. It is first and foremost bliss, indefinable and pristine. This, I was told long ago, is the feeling generated by returning from formlessness. It is a visceral reaction in counterpoint to the negation of all senses; paradoxically, it is also the root of original sensation. The bliss is nearly without form; it feels like utter peace. Yet it has a scintillating resonance toward all forms. Bliss is the feeling of Oneness as it crosses into duality and the manifold worlds.

As we contemplate crossing back, out of the peace, there is a stirring and a primordial stimulus to move. And so, I move. Within my mind I see an idea take form. It glistens like a dewdrop. I stare into it for a time, realizing ‘time’ again. We are beginning again. The ‘we’ turns outward into ‘me’, and me turns into ‘other’, which is V. Within the drewdrop, the idea shapes more detail; its texture generates a thought, a word, a voice.

V gives expression to the vibration, “Come back, my friend. We have been deep enough for now. You’re holding all the essence you can manage for the moment in that human body of yours.”

In my perception, she is nothing more than a smile at this point—an open, amused appreciation of my humble place in the universe. I don’t care. I accept what is, what I am. It is all well and good. I am at peace. Yet I do sense a change; the momentum is rising in us. Something is stirring. I look out and see the Threshold to the Void, the outside edge of Emptiness. It is a fantastical beacon defining an infinite horizon. It grows, as does the luster of time itself, into a form and presence.

At once, the beacon reshapes into a radiant aura. The grand Threshold space spreads beyond us into all directions, sweeping around a limitless sphere of nothing. It seems as though it might contain the Void; such is the play of paradox here—like atmosphere around a globe. Into this atmosphere we are drawn, wisps of sacred spirit sucked into the air. Continue reading

Chapter Eighteen – “Premonition”

“V,” I announce, feeling eager, but a bit naive. “I’ve just gotten a premonition. It’s coming through presence, of course. But I’m wondering how that works. Premonition’s are about the future; presence is always in the Now.”

“The Now is always in the future.”

“What?” I blurt out. “That goes against everything you…”

“I’m joking. But in a way, I’m not. The Now is in fact the future; it is likewise the past. All time is a projection of the one timeless moment. The so-called ‘future’ is held in the bosom of the divine unknown. This is the power of destiny and creation, the power of ‘beginning again’. It is the closest thing to future that really exists, this potentiality of presence.

“You asked about how premonitions work. It is simple. There is no such thing as ‘time’ in reality. There is only what is known and what is unknown within the eternal moment. A foretelling of events to come is merely the unknown revealing itself, of becoming gradually known. It all happens within the Now. Your mind applies the notion of time and then pictures the unknown as a thing of the future.”

V pauses for a moment, then says, “Now, tell me about your premonition.”

“Oh yeah, that,” I chuckle. “I almost forgot. This is funny because you and I both have said that we write these messages spontaneously. Most often, we don’t see what’s coming until we begin typing it down. Well, in this case it’s different; I have already seen what we will be writing.”

“Yes, I see,” she replies. Tell me. And by the way, I have had the same portent as you. Let’s compare notes.”

“I’m not surprised,” I add. “We are synchronizing our awareness more and more—just like O and me. I’m guessing we’re getting ready for that incarnation together in Paris. In fact, that was part of my premonition.”

“You’re guessing right. Now tell me what you saw.”

“I sensed—in a dream this morning—that we would be writing more about presence—particularly, how it can orchestrate our lives. This seems like the culmination of all you’ve been saying about the Life of Source. Then, in another vision, I saw you and me paying a brief visit to Paris and meeting Omis there. I also saw that we would all go the Hall of Memories, the Akasha, and find the crystal vesica.”

“Anything else?” V asks.

“Yes, one more thing: I sensed that Omis would take over the narration of the final chapters.”

She laughs. “I can see my role here is about finished. You are getting almost everything I am. And you’re able to describe it in your own words. This, of course, has been the destiny all along. Presence is moving us all into this point. May presence have its way with us.”

She pauses for a moment of stillness. “Well, why don’t we get on with your dream? Come into my sub-dimension and we can do a little traveling together.” She encourages, “Like the old days.”

“What should I do?”

“Have you forgotten so soon? The ‘old days’ weren’t that long ago,” she chides, in good humor. “Simply step in.” Continue reading

Chapter Seventeen – “Dear Defender”

It is a new day. “Hi, V. Listening to a speaker this morning I had a small revelation. Perhaps you could help me elaborate on it.”

“I’ll be interested to hear what it is.”

“Well, it’s fairly unformed, but I’d like to try talking it through. The speaker was mentioning ‘outward gratification’. The words made me stop and notice. I sensed them as a kind of oxymoron; ‘outward’ seemed the opposite direction from gratification. Satisfaction, fulfillment—whatever—is more an inward function. In addition, this seems to be part of the confusion we have between doing and being.”

She asks, “Explain that last point a little more.”

“Doing’ is outward and ‘being’ is inward. Ego tries to maintain itself through doing things and having things. The soul, by contrast, places being first and knows that all else comes as a result of that—that all action and creation of forms derives from presence. Ego will never be satisfied for long. What it ‘does’ doesn’t last, if it has no traction in being; forms come and go. When ego is looking for fulfillment in forms, it will inevitably be disappointed. That’s what I would call ‘looking outside for gratification’.”

V answers, “I agree, basically. However, our being does encompass everything—inner and outer. The soul desires both outward, form experience and inward, formless realization. Though you didn’t say it this way, you implied the ego’s actual fear of the inner experience. It does not want to be brought into contact with the soul’s world.”

“Why would that be?” I interrupt. “Why can’t the ego get along with the soul?”

“Hah, a very good question. It has to do with fear, of course, and delusion. The ego is not comfortable with its own existence; it senses it is at great risk in the whole process of awakening. Inner depth of being frightens it intensely. It wants to stay on the surface of experience, manipulating the past and the future mental constructs. They have no depth; they only spread thinly out onto the veneer of time. It knows that the living moment is a ‘dangerous’ portal into the inner reaches of authentic being, where it might just be extinguished. Ego has an investment in staying superficial and not being authentic.”

“OK. I get that, but why can’t ego be retrained to accept authenticity and reality—and depth?”

“It can be. But what happens in that training is that the ego eventually becomes so transparent as not to exist anymore. It dissolves into the soul presence. To the ego, that looks like death, not just transparency.”

“Ah, back to my favorite subject—finding death!” I suddenly wonder, “Excuse me, but what good would ego even be if it were transparent? What would a transparent ego be like? What would it do?” Continue reading