Whether it’s the Galactic Center pulsing energy our way to snap the tired paradigm in two, or just our divine inner cry waking to a new day and seeing the light through the darkness, there is a transformation taking place. The systematic power play of the corporatocracy, through the childish bullying of campaigners for the crown of leadership, has left us feeling hopeless. It’s getting out of hand, so we must reach high into our consciousness to bring the inevitable on planet earth. But good news, it has set the the next dimensional state in motion, speeding more quickly into our reality. Those who see through the veil and understand the illusion will just sit and chuckle at this playground of ignorance.


Religious extremism will try to topple the quest for enlightened living from both sides of the globe. This will not take place. The light that shines through this darkness is so great that it will eventually strip the fanatic wave of all its power.

What can we do now to expedite this process?  We can move into an authentic space deep inside our hearts, down to the divine sweet spot of knowing. Once there you will find the path that has always been waiting for you to arrive. These directions will be more easy to follow once the inner eye sees through the blindness.

Embrace yourself and those around with unconditional love and kindness. Make judgements for your safety only, and bring no harm to any living thing. See yourself as a unique singularity of the whole and express creativity for the enhancement and betterment of the one entire creation. That includes, not only this planet but the entirety of the universe and beyond. Play in a multi-dimensional stream of consciousness and use your imagination to explore all levels without bias. Other than that, just be yourself and love every moment of who you are.


… Into The Void

You know it’s a difficult time when “The Void” becomes a place of refuge. But today, there’s so much psychic turmoil and pollution—in politics and religion, in government and in people—that we just want to escape into emptiness.

But what is the Void? Is it ‘dark matter, dark energy’? Is it where we all go when nothing is left for us, when we’ve finished our lives, our battles , our civilizations? Is it a place at all, a state of mind, or spirit? Or is it the negation of all things, including mind and spirit? Is it oblivion? Is it just what happens when we mess the world up so totally there is nowhere else to turn. Is it the end of our awareness and all of creation?

My answer to this is a resounding ‘Yes! It is the end of all things!’ But wait. There’s more to the Emptiness than just negation. There is an endless fullness, as well. My experience is that the Void is a source of profound beginning, inspiration and nurturing. By virtue of its ‘no thingness’, it can embrace and fulfill all ‘things’.

Why is this important? Because our world civilization is collapsing. It is reaching the end of its grand cycle. “All things must pass”, George Harrison reminded us. We are passing—into a new epoch and a new world, a new species if you will. Before we can fully pass, however, the old world must crumble and disintegrate. I refer you to Peter Kingsley’s work on this subject. A few years ago, he wrote a most profound tome called, “Reality”. His latest audio presentation is entitled, “The Elders”. In these works he implores us to acknowledge and fully honor the ending of the cycle.

With the end of civilization in mind, all the tumult, divisiveness and irrationality actually starts to make sense. This is the end of the ego period of our species. It stands to reason that the collective ego would resist with every bit of fire it can muster. Ego has always been an irrational beast. We are fully engaged in “Beast Mode” right now, all around the world. (I mean no offense to Marshawn Lynch.)

Ego has done a fair job of pretending to be rational, but in the end—as in the end of civilization—all pretense is dropping away. Ego is using whatever means it still has, to try and put a halt to the awakening of our species. Naturally, it is turning to irrational ranting and ravaging; this is what it perceives as the opposite of enlightenment.

But the awakening presence has some tricks up its sleeve that ego doesn’t understand: The emerging consciousness is all-embracing. There are no separated opposites—only ‘poles apart’ along a unified axis of wholeness. In order for our awareness to merge with its Source—consciousness—and come into an awakened state, all opposites must meet and fuse together, especially the yin and yang, feminine and masculine. Ego is presenting us with its hardest, harshest opposite and thus, unwittingly, contributing to the greater fusion that is surely coming.

The world must fall apart. Ego must use up all its invective and finally crash. What this actually looks like in the end is anybody’s guess. My feeling is that there is a simultaneous collapse and rebirth happening right now within us and all over the planet. We do not have to experience a full Doomsday in order to honor the passing of the old civilization. Look at the countless books and films, internet discussions and news accounts of the end approaching—the post-apocalyptic visions of a destroyed world. Through these, we see and feel what Doomsday might be like. The magic of such stories—largely unbeknownst to the audiences—is that they expiate the worst scenarios; we do not have to go there fully once we have seen the possibility of them.

Through the destruction of our old world, we are moving into the creation of a new one. As our species anxiously dies to its ego-self, it is generating a new character and a new vision of the way of the waking world. The two, seemingly opposing courses, are working together, fusing the shadows and the light into a full soul trajectory of love and communion. Look for the signs of simultaneous falling and rising around you. And you will have hope.

If you thought this society couldn’t get any more off its mind, well look around. If Hollywood were making this movie they would have a satan character manipulating all the seemingly sane people into zombie killers.

What’s the most troubling is the corruption of Faith. Founded on Love of the Divine, we now adhere to the concept of murder and mayhem as a warrior’s banner for god. And how many gods are there anyway? The Christian god, the Jewish god, the Muslim god, the Hindu gods… and on infinitum. Maybe these are just lower level gods, who we made up to justify all that we do good, bad or otherwise.

These books we pray to weren’t written by gods, they were written by men. Not even women were allowed to put their two cents (sense) in when it came to the written word. Why is that? Aren’t we all made in the image of whatever made this thing we call life? Why are women not given equal station? That is the most insane mind screw ever. We as humans are as equals, masculine and feminine natures of the same source. How can anyone deny that?

I’ve been writing about ‘Letters’ for some time now. I hold the principles these books talk about in pretty high regard. I do understand they are just words from a man’s mind and not the holy grail. Yet I think they make sense, because they give power to love and gratitude and peace and oneness more than anything that’s come into my view. I resonate with them and see them as an example of what the life of an awakened soul can be like. I know there are other paths that can lead to this door of awakening and those paths are equally filled with love and gratitude and peace and oneness.

But, here we are, in this state of madness. A message of Fear being cast like thunderbolts by minds who care only for their ego’s gratification and care nothing about the welfare of humankind.

Pay attention, for Attention is the key to staying awake and alert and alive. Whatever happens next those who carry the banner of rightness will stand after the storm clears, and the bones of those madmen will be nothing but dust.

Into The Void


This is the 5th Volume in the group of books by Robert Lee Potter. In a time of deep peril around us, we can move into a greater expanse of consciousness with this read. Although hope for a better society seems unimaginable with the actions of today’s humanity, we can begin a new dream inside these pages. It’s worth a look. Who knows what resonance may stand forth.

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A Great Storm rages within the psyche of humanity. It is a climate change inside our species. Colossal social and environmental challenges threaten us, blazoned fiercely in our media and in our lives. If we could step back and peer through a lens of greater order, we might see that humanity is actually transforming, moving doggedly toward a ‘clearing’—beyond the storm. ‘Clearing’ can mean ‘dissolving’, ‘cleansing’, freeing’, and ‘opening’. All around us today, we find freedom stirring, even amidst alarming ignorance and repression. Could there be unseen opportunities on the horizon for our species? Bruce Tuckman, in 1965, defined four phases of group development: “forming, storming, norming, and performing.” Might we apply this scale to the overall course of human evolvement? Might we use it to explore what lies ahead for us? In this book we are being asked to use intention and imagination to consider ‘performing’ the next stage in our evolutionary drama: Awakening!

There is always something happening in your life that is meant to suddenly shake you out of the daily blind and open that intuitive knowing of something other. It strikes when least expected and blasts a new hole into the realm of Awareness. Makes you wonder why we don’t always stay alert for the things around us, those things that point, but we don’t. We just struggle to keep the status quo alive. This old style of living is so off base, it’s like a boomerang that keeps trying to find its way back to the hand that cast it, continuing to ricochet off everything around it, never finding the right path back. So much for the status quo. It seems that we’ve come to that level of friction on our planet that will suddenly light the much-needed fire under our asses and burn the path brightly, leading us to source. It’s about time.

Sense out with more than your eyes into the vast world of inspiration. Once there it will be a magnet for all that is guiding you to the place of knowing. You’ll find bias start to disintegrate, judgements fall aside. This is a freedom never known by normal standards. But it is normal in the way of Awareness.

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8x10-Moon EclipseBlue

I’ve had some difficulty over the last few days with anxiety or restlessness or some energy malfunction. With Mercury in retrograde and a giant full moon in eclipse, there are many reasons I’ve conjured up to explain this discomfort. It was pretty intense and even to the point of a nerve explosion. Having an empathic nature doesn’t help the situation much and renders me pretty helpless whenever this kind of thing arises. I suck in energy, good and bad, like it’s going out of style. I know that  there are exercises to clear my Auric field, but I was so down today that I was beyond thinking about using them. I just kind of wallowed in a sea of fear. I was going to use the word despair at first and then realized that it was fear that overcame me. This was all too overwhelming and I was at some kind of brink.

Then it happened. We are sitting at breakfast in a local Vermont eatery, in an out-of-the-way Vermont town. I started to sink deeper and deeper into this malaise. And then I overheard a woman at the next table telling a tale of woe to her friend. Even though they had been conversing the entire time it was at this exact moment in her story that crescendoed up to hearing level and caught my attention. Even though we are still talking it seemed that my voice lowered and this woman’s voice raised up. At once I felt an air of ease come over me, for suddenly my sad tale had the wind knocked out of its sail. I no longer felt that tragic element that chained me to fear and anxiety. It was gone in a heartbeat. All at once this feeling of gratitude embraced me. Like a thick liquid, it encircled my heart and ballooned outward. The usual tears started welling up and I realized that the universe has a remedy for everything. You just have to pay attention. Most of us don’t pay attention to small things, that come and go on the tip of a faerie’s wing. But there it was, in plain sight. A portal had opened and it appeared. One shining moment, and then gone. Makes you wonder doesn’t it? What else are we missing? It was a good breakfast.

As we move into the beginning of seasonal change we get the feeling that change is needed in this ever growing blog. We are trying on a new style of clothes. At first glance it feels right. So we shall see if it stands the test of time.

Another exciting addition to this season of change is the announcement that Robert has finished his 5th book “Clearing the Storm.” It will soon be available on Amazon and I will let you know when.

In the meantime, here is an excerpt from Letter Two of the first book. It honors the change that we all experience as we evolve to greater things:

“Evolution is consciousness in its most elaborate and limitless expression. As all things in creation change and grow, the storehouses of understanding fill ever more fully. The change and growth includes, of course, dissolution and death as well. All forms come and go. Evolution remains. No lesson in all of the multi-trillion living forms, over multi-trillion eons, is ever lost. Each and every happening in the universe becomes a lesson the Cosmos is learning about itself, a lesson it uses to push yet further the boundaries of consciousness. We are integral to all this. We, the students, are in fact our own teachers. We are the Cosmos, the Now and the presence. We are evolution itself.”

ⓒ Robert Lee Potter 2009


Please join us this Saturday August 22, 2015, between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. for the gala opening of our dear friend Marianne Tebbens and her “Body of Work.”

“My work in clay has evolved over many years from mostly functional pieces, with the vessel as the predominant form, to mostly sculptural pieces, with the human face, hands, torso and elements of nature as the predominant forms. This evolution has occurred in conjunction with my work as a Psychotherapist and Art Therapist, as well as through my own personal growth experience.

I feel especially drawn to expressing what I see as the dangers and risks to the feminine in our culture at this time. These themes are often expressed through my work with larger, idealized feminine figures with goddess-like qualities.”

Spirit is enlivened by imagination manifested through human greatness. To excel in something beyond the norm brings great joy to the Self and, in turn, expands the deep numinous quality residing within. To stand silent before these images, taking in all that they can offer you, is a meditation unto itself. Although I speak highly of my friend and her work it is not lost on others who have that same experience. For it is Love in the hands and heart of this artist that truly shines through. Please come and join us this Saturday August 22nd, from 1-4 p.m. The exhibit runs through September 19, 2015.

A Must See! This TED Talk by famed photographer Sebastiao Salgado is outstanding. Besides the most incredible photography to be seen, his message is food for the soul. If you walk away from this talk without getting the message then… well you’ll see. BTW, the movie, Salt of the Earth, which I have not seen as yet is getting rave reviews. It’s a documentary on Salgado’s journey. Here’s the TED Talk: