There is always something happening in your life that is meant to suddenly shake you out of the daily blind and open that intuitive knowing of something other. It strikes when least expected and blasts a new hole into the realm of Awareness. Makes you wonder why we don’t always stay alert for the things around us, those things that point, but we don’t. We just struggle to keep the status quo alive. This old style of living is so off base, it’s like a boomerang that keeps trying to find its way back to the hand that cast it, continuing to ricochet off everything around it, never finding the right path back. So much for the status quo. It seems that we’ve come to that level of friction on our planet that will suddenly light the much-needed fire under our asses and burn the path brightly, leading us to source. It’s about time.

Sense out with more than your eyes into the vast world of inspiration. Once there it will be a magnet for all that is guiding you to the place of knowing. You’ll find bias start to disintegrate, judgements fall aside. This is a freedom never known by normal standards. But it is normal in the way of Awareness.

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I’ve had some difficulty over the last few days with anxiety or restlessness or some energy malfunction. With Mercury in retrograde and a giant full moon in eclipse, there are many reasons I’ve conjured up to explain this discomfort. It was pretty intense and even to the point of a nerve explosion. Having an empathic nature doesn’t help the situation much and renders me pretty helpless whenever this kind of thing arises. I suck in energy, good and bad, like it’s going out of style. I know that  there are exercises to clear my Auric field, but I was so down today that I was beyond thinking about using them. I just kind of wallowed in a sea of fear. I was going to use the word despair at first and then realized that it was fear that overcame me. This was all too overwhelming and I was at some kind of brink.

Then it happened. We are sitting at breakfast in a local Vermont eatery, in an out-of-the-way Vermont town. I started to sink deeper and deeper into this malaise. And then I overheard a woman at the next table telling a tale of woe to her friend. Even though they had been conversing the entire time it was at this exact moment in her story that crescendoed up to hearing level and caught my attention. Even though we are still talking it seemed that my voice lowered and this woman’s voice raised up. At once I felt an air of ease come over me, for suddenly my sad tale had the wind knocked out of its sail. I no longer felt that tragic element that chained me to fear and anxiety. It was gone in a heartbeat. All at once this feeling of gratitude embraced me. Like a thick liquid, it encircled my heart and ballooned outward. The usual tears started welling up and I realized that the universe has a remedy for everything. You just have to pay attention. Most of us don’t pay attention to small things, that come and go on the tip of a faerie’s wing. But there it was, in plain sight. A portal had opened and it appeared. One shining moment, and then gone. Makes you wonder doesn’t it? What else are we missing? It was a good breakfast.

As we move into the beginning of seasonal change we get the feeling that change is needed in this ever growing blog. We are trying on a new style of clothes. At first glance it feels right. So we shall see if it stands the test of time.

Another exciting addition to this season of change is the announcement that Robert has finished his 5th book “Clearing the Storm.” It will soon be available on Amazon and I will let you know when.

In the meantime, here is an excerpt from Letter Two of the first book. It honors the change that we all experience as we evolve to greater things:

“Evolution is consciousness in its most elaborate and limitless expression. As all things in creation change and grow, the storehouses of understanding fill ever more fully. The change and growth includes, of course, dissolution and death as well. All forms come and go. Evolution remains. No lesson in all of the multi-trillion living forms, over multi-trillion eons, is ever lost. Each and every happening in the universe becomes a lesson the Cosmos is learning about itself, a lesson it uses to push yet further the boundaries of consciousness. We are integral to all this. We, the students, are in fact our own teachers. We are the Cosmos, the Now and the presence. We are evolution itself.”

ⓒ Robert Lee Potter 2009


Please join us this Saturday August 22, 2015, between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. for the gala opening of our dear friend Marianne Tebbens and her “Body of Work.”

“My work in clay has evolved over many years from mostly functional pieces, with the vessel as the predominant form, to mostly sculptural pieces, with the human face, hands, torso and elements of nature as the predominant forms. This evolution has occurred in conjunction with my work as a Psychotherapist and Art Therapist, as well as through my own personal growth experience.

I feel especially drawn to expressing what I see as the dangers and risks to the feminine in our culture at this time. These themes are often expressed through my work with larger, idealized feminine figures with goddess-like qualities.”

Spirit is enlivened by imagination manifested through human greatness. To excel in something beyond the norm brings great joy to the Self and, in turn, expands the deep numinous quality residing within. To stand silent before these images, taking in all that they can offer you, is a meditation unto itself. Although I speak highly of my friend and her work it is not lost on others who have that same experience. For it is Love in the hands and heart of this artist that truly shines through. Please come and join us this Saturday August 22nd, from 1-4 p.m. The exhibit runs through September 19, 2015.

A Must See! This TED Talk by famed photographer Sebastiao Salgado is outstanding. Besides the most incredible photography to be seen, his message is food for the soul. If you walk away from this talk without getting the message then… well you’ll see. BTW, the movie, Salt of the Earth, which I have not seen as yet is getting rave reviews. It’s a documentary on Salgado’s journey. Here’s the TED Talk:

And so we come to the final chapter in Life of Source. It seems that life on this planet is getting more unwound by the events that are tearing this humanity apart. One can imagine a SciFi movie of a doomed future, with buildings in rubble and people wandering the terrain with no hope. This could be the way it will be if we allow the ignorance to flourish. Finding those who are more in tune with planting seeds of awakening is the way we must go. There are many around us. Let’s reach out and join our hands with theirs.

Today Robert sent me a new stream resonating in the voice of Omis who participates in this adventure of the future:

“These books are ‘irregularities’, both in the way they are written—streamed—and in the content they offer. They speak in paradox of the Now, the past and the future as one. They are artifacts from another time—out of time—sprinkling evidence of the unknowable, invisible, seeming impossible things ‘unseen, yet hoped for’, longed for in your new dream—the icon of your evolution. In a phrase, they are intended to stimulate faith in the soul.”

And so it is, for now, in the Epilogue of Life of Source.


I am sitting in my room. V is only the memory of an inner voice to me now. Nevertheless, she is real enough. I rest content that we are completing this work. I feel we have founded her project well. I wonder at what last words she might have. I don’t have to wonder long.

V speaks straightaway, “There is lineage to Source that I would have you contemplate. It begins, obviously enough, with Source. And then it climbs, for lack of a better word, into echelon after echelon, spreading forth into the world of manifestation that we know. I will quickly list the progression and then return for further explanation.

First, Source flows into Life; then it embodies the I am state. From there it becomes Presence and thence, Vitality and Sensation. From there it enters the Senses, then Feelings and finally it comes to Mind. Here is the progression in brief: Source: Life: I am:  Presence: Aliveness: Vitality: Sensation: Senses: Feelings: Mind.”

I ponder for a moment what I’ve written down and then ask, “Why is ‘mind’ last? The list seems straightforward enough to me, except that mind is last. The progression seems, for the most part, to be moving from formlessness into form. Wouldn’t the mind fit in before ‘senses’ then?”

“Indeed, it would so seem to the human mind. The progression, however, is not simply from formless to form. It is rather the relative density of manifestation. Contrary to common human thinking, the mind is the densest part of you, physical form and matter notwithstanding. The physical world holds much that is light and etheric—such as the ‘field’ dimension. The mind, however, has taken on, as its role in you, the concretization of essence. It analyzes the progression out from Source and believes that it must condense all understanding into a finite block of comprehension. It craves structure and hard knowledge—density.

“Comprehension, as Omis recently pointed out, takes its meaning from the Latin, ‘grasp together’. Your minds would grasp and bind it all into a fixed system of logic and completed revelation. Mind represents the opposite of Source. Source has no ‘completion’ in its intention and destiny. Source is forever open, unfolding and realizing new realities—it begins again endlessly, instantaneously. Human minds insist on endings, answers and closure of understanding.

“Thus does mentation end the progression—or so it would seem to the mind. Reality, however, is not linear; the straight line exists only as a concept in the mind. Reality is curvy, open and endless.”

I sigh. “V, can you tell me where you’re going with this? What’s the objective here?” (more…)

As I watch, the veins of fluid, silver light breech the boundary of our space body and enter the vacuum forms of my ‘normal’ world. My body there, and those of V and Omis are all empty ‘formings’. The veins slide irresistibly into the vacuums and fill them with their presence. Ah, I finally get it. I’m seeing the form-making power of presence itself!

“Indeed you are,” Omis answers my thought. “Look closer at your human body and mind. See the field around you in our spaciousness. See your thoughts spurt and erupt within the field.”

“I do,’ I exclaim. “They are iconic forms of the things, ideas and situations I’m thinking about. From here, I can read the language of these symbols. I know what they mean. How is that?”

Omis replies, “They are your thoughts. You know them, with or without the iconic thoughtforms. Notice how they change.”

I watch them transforming; their shapes and elements shift ceaselessly; some are simple, others complex; many are virtually colorless—grey—while some are bursting with vibrant hues. Thoughts are never still, I realize. Forms are never still!

I say, “The silver veins of presence flow into some of the thoughtforms more readily than others; some are perfect, soft crystalline shapes, flowing alongside the veins; others are distorted and hardened, separated.”

I hesitate, observing more closely, before continuing. “Obviously, some of these thoughtforms represent fears and worries of mine. These twisted ones, over here, block the flow of energy. They catch it up and hold it captive. When they do this, the silver energy immediately begins to die; the silver turns to a muddy grey. Presence seems to die in these constricted forms—fears, doubts and suspicions. Angry or aggressive thoughts would do the same, I detect. In fact any negative emotion would kill presence! Is this so, Omis?”

“Not truly. Nothing can kill presence. You are witnessing the death of forms and ‘thought icons’ through the withdrawal of presence. That is correct. Any type of resistance in your emotions or mind tends to introduce death into the equation. But as you have discovered, death is itself an opening to presence. Regard the resistant thoughtforms now. See what death does to them.”

As I look on, I see the distorted shapes harden further, into brittleness; and then they start to disintegrate and break into detached pieces. They have no essential integrity; they’re doomed to disperse—unless the forms somehow get renewed or reinforced. Yet, now an opening appears in the midst of the disintegrating forms; new silvery tendrils emerge and rise up from within the space; they connect immediately back to the greater system of circulatory veins. (more…)

We have moved back from the vesica, against the vertical wall. There is a circular bench here. I, for one, need to sit down. The end of this discourse is approaching, I know, and I’m a little saddened. I turn to V and touch her hand tenderly, saying, “I’m finally understanding what this book is about.”

“Tell me,” she inquires.

“This is an invitation into presence. I see that knowing the Life of Source means developing an intimate, first-hand relationship with the entity that embodies the Now.”

“You are absolutely correct,” answers Omis. “We have brought you into this space that you may resonate with the way we live, the way Life lives us. It is an unceasing joy to participate with Source in this manner—to realize the true nature of who we are. I know that V is feeling the reverence and sincerity of our mission.”

V nods and speaks softly. “Omis, the way you arrived with us was perfect to illustrate the Life of Source. You have emerged directly out living presence, out of the space itself. If I may be poetical, it accentuates the promise of joy held in the wings of stillness.”

I smile. “V, you are a poet!”

She smiles back and continues, “Omis, we are truly blessed to have you appear again and to bring with you the vigor of creation.”

“Well said,” he continues. “Now, let me tell you about Life from the perspective of an angelan. Moreover, it will indicate how humans can begin to live more freely within themselves. What you are calling presence, I know as Life. I know it as the breath and vibration of light and flesh and texture. I know it as quality and beauty and freshness, ever renewing, always enduring. As I say these words, I know thoroughly that Life is the forming agent, the invigorating principle within them.

“When I gaze upon V’s beauty and receive her appreciation, I know that this, too, is Life at work and at play. It dances through us all, in each expression and experience of the universes, moment within moment, for eternity. In my knowing, I realize Life is present; ‘knowing’ is also Life. Consciousness is Life. Just as there is nothing that does not come from Source, there is nothing that is not Life. My being is Life. All of yours, too, is this. We are blessed, by way of a million dimensions, in each gesture and instant of this creative facility.”

Silence takes over strongly before he speaks again. “Tell me now, my human friend, what have you just written? I know you are wanting to tell us about it; and I sense that its energy wants to unfold.” (more…)

Instead of the crystal-domed Grand Palais, there is a luminous, etheric mountain behind Omis. It climbs vertically hundreds of meters. Its façade is carved with countless openings and large, high windows. Immediately in front of us is the gaping arched entrance we’ve visited before. I see into the interior where exquisite marble floors stretch inward. Along their way, the spacious halls branch off into many, smaller passages and caverns. The transparency of the walls adds to our vision of the depths and complexities of this massif. I look back to Omis.

The angelan continues staring at me. “Let me explain that our recent diversion into the process of creation was necessary. This was to alert you to your role here. It is the same role for anyone participating in our visit or reading the document you are producing. If you are seeing, hearing or listening to these proceedings, you—as authentic Source—are creating them. It then becomes your responsibility and opportunity to unfold their meaning and value—by virtue of your identity with Source!”

Omis motions us into the Akasha now. We seem to glide, more than walk, into the sacred space. As with the other visits I’ve made, I see everything is made of golden light—the floors, the pillars and walls, the vines and trees that cling to the escarpments. I recall that each centimeter of the substance around us is composed of memories from lifetimes lived by countless trillions of incarnate creatures from all over the Cosmos.

Each lifetime is held in a pristine sphere of vital remembrance. If it is embedded in the floor or wall, it somehow generates the flatness required to represent the marble form. As we walk, our feet are treading on these lives. It’s rather like walking over graves in a cemetery. It does no disrespect, however. We are not actually touching anything as we move; hence, the sensation of gliding. We float a millimeter above. (more…)