Chapter Eleven – “Incalculable Blessing

“Wait,” I gasp. My eyes have filled with tears; my heart has inexplicably, suddenly, filled with gratitude. “I feel such a sweep of blessing in and around me. My life is so, so blessed—by you and O and Omis, and all the others. Every moment in my life is an incalculable blessing! I cannot contain this in my mind or in a thought. It’s just so vast.”

Suddenly the tears have poured out of my eyes onto my cheeks. I’m bawling like a baby. But there is no discomfort or pain. The crying is my body realizing it cannot encompass the field of joy I feel; it can’t hold all the thankfulness that is exploding in me, out of me. This is far beyond thought. My mind tries in vain to gather it in and comprehend it. It fails utterly. I sit and sob and sob in joy, continuously wiping the tears with my hands, blowing my nose, and returning to crying. My body shudders periodically. I weep with an earnestness I’ve never met before. It is Source crying out to Life from within my soul.

Slowly I return to my ‘normal’ senses. I suck in oceans of air, sighing, exhilarated and exhausted. I sob, “V, what is this? I know, and yet words are failing me completely. I must hear your words to describe this now. Please.” I brush away more tears and wait.

My sweet-voiced companion slowly, gently replies, “You have met true wisdom in this moment. You have stepped onto another rung of bliss. It is a long, high ladder you will climb. Don’t look down. Don’t even look within right now. Right now is not the time for ‘within’. Sit in reverence in the midst of wisdom. Joy and bliss attend you. They are waiting to serve you fully, deny you nothing. They are gifting you with eternal, unending presence. A shallow word for this is ‘abundance’. But you know with your heart that it is much more than abundance. Continue reading

Chapter Ten – “Gravity and Consciousness”

Immediately I ask, “So, what about Life? How do we live it?”

“As you know, this is the whole purpose of our writing together—to be more alert to experiencing the vital center of our being. A one-word answer to ‘How do we live it?’ is ‘synchronicity’. Carl Jung coined the term. He described it as ‘meaningful coincidence’. Coincidence is a resonance among two or more points of awareness. As we have said elsewhere, the attributing of meaning to events and forms in our lives is the province of the soul; it manifests as awareness and destiny in each of us. We determine all the meaning we experience. Without our attention, there is no meaning.”

“So, how does that relate to Life?”

“I’m glad you asked,” she chuckles. “Synchronicity is the glue that binds us to both meaning and living energy—in other terms, you can say ‘soul’ and ‘Source’. Synchronicity is our personal revelation of divinity on a moment-to-moment basis.”

“But there is no ‘moment-to-moment’,” I challenge. “There’s only the one moment.”

“Thank you for reminding me. I had forgotten.” She smiles and winks. “But your experience tells you to pay attention to the passage of time in a personal way. We must respect that—even if it is inaccurate technically. Your ordinary day-to-day lives are, for your current epoch, bound up in time. Time and timelessness, juxtaposed, generate the need for a concept such as ‘synchronicity’; all events are simultaneous a priori. Without time there is no need to contemplate ‘synchronous’ behavior. Synchronicity provides the meaning to transcend the time-and-form bondage. It reveals, to those who observe and honor it, the invisible underpinnings of life and events. Synchronicity reveals Life. And Life reveals Source. Continue reading

Chapter Nine – “Noticing Presence”

I ask, “I’m wondering about the old admonition, ‘Disciple, know thyself’, inscribed on the Temple at Delphi. Philosophers and spiritual teachers down the ages have advised us to ask the question, ‘Who am I?’ So, I’ve asked that question, but I don’t have a satisfying answer yet.”

V watches me silently, nodding. I continue, “Of course, I can describe myself with many different labels, roles, or achievements. But it’s not who I really am, not down inside my psyche. At the same time, mysteriously I do have a sense that I know who I am. If I go deeply enough within, I sense a living presence at my core. I certainly recognize my own being and perspective on life—my own awareness; I just can’t put a tangible description on what it is, who it is.”

V answers, “You don’t know and yet you do know. It is paradox, of course. Nevertheless, understanding this can be quite simple. Your not knowing is in the mind; that’s all. The heart is the place to know who and what you truly are: It knows that you are truth itself, the essence of Source.

“The reason you cannot find satisfactory explanations of who you really are is the same one that keeps you from capturing the pure truth of anything. The truth of you—of all—has no form; no words can contain it. It exists without a framework for the mind or ego to hold as information. The essence cannot be captured in formation. Essence has no handles or boundaries! The ego-mind wants to grasp understanding. There is nothing in ‘truth’ or in the deep ‘self’ to grab and hold onto. It’s like trying to limit the flow of air inside a birdcage.

“Appreciation of the paradox of knowing-yet-not-knowing opens us up beyond the mind. If you look at the two sides of knowing as one and the same state in essence, you sidestep the mind and leave it flaccid and porous. The embrace of this paradox is your ultimate liberation. This is the fullness of empathy.”

My uneasiness makes me ask, “Why does this make me feel so uncomfortable? It seems like it sends me forever in circles, chasing my tail. ‘Who am I? I don’t know. Who am I? I do know—in my heart. Yet I cannot say.’ Why not? Why can’t some words be put on it?”

“Because words cannot contain the liberation that lives at your core. Think about it: Why would you want to circumscribe liberation with trifling words or thoughts? This is the great, grand Life of Source. Yes, we do put words—pointers—on it. But it is very important to realize these words are inadequate and ultimately unsatisfying to our questing spirit. The very words ‘Source’ and ‘Life’ are totally insufficient, except to point our awareness in a direction of awakening. Any word is. That is fine, as long as we sense and know inwardly that there is a state of being that far transcends the pointer. It is right to hold ideas in the mind about deeper truths that cannot be spoken, as long as we realize these ideas are only introductory symbols.” Continue reading

Chapter Eight – “Empathy is Awakening”

“Now, I must ask again, how does your ‘project’ relate to all this? Is the project something you want to ‘get done’? Will you explain what you want us to do?”

“This question links back to your original one, about what I had ‘in mind’ for a structure of the project. What I have ‘in mind’ is only what is passing through my mind from deeper presence in any given moment. I sense that passage at the same moment you do. It is always fresh and alive. Such is the way of presence. I cannot predict what will be coming through my mind before it comes. To try to do so would take the vitality out of it. This is the problem of any examination of the future, I might add. The future, to be useful, must always be held in the moment of presence. Vitality—Life with a ‘V’, if you will—is key to any creation and presentation.”

I react. “The Letters from 500 were coming from the future, right? Does that mean they were taking vitality out of the moment?”

“Orange’s books speak of the future, yes, as we are all aware. However, the essence of the moment is always present in them. There is no subtraction from presence in their contemplation of what is evolving for your species. The future in these letters is metaphorical for what is within you all in the Now.”

I admit, “I have always struggled with the idea of ‘the future’ in those books and how it relates to the Now. Many wise teachers have said that only Now exists and the future and past are not real. I know O has explained it many times. And now you have as well. But I still don’t really know what to think.”

V answers with empathy, “The future is only a thought, a way for your mind to understand a set of impressions. The importance of the messages can only be received in the moment. And the essence is timeless. But the descriptions and explanations enter into time—just as you are taking time right now to type these words. Words and explanations are all metaphors. Letters are metaphors. The future is a metaphor for the timeless evolution of your awareness. In the end, it is a paradox. If paradox is troublesome for you, then take a look at that. True paradox, even if it makes you struggle at first, is liberating in the end. It is all good. Continue reading

Chapter Seven – “Bank Of Empowerment”

“Please explain ‘destiny’ a bit more. I’ve heard the perspectives of O and Omis in the other books, but not yours.”

V replies, “Destiny is an immediate process that clothes the emerging essence with what is ‘uniquely appropriate’. Within each presence-moment, for each creature in the world, there is a ‘rightness’ that can be registered and appreciated—and then manifested. The degree to which your awareness arises and aligns with the inflow of presence in the moment is the degree to which you are manifesting destiny.

“It can be said, from the individual viewpoint, to be ‘your’ destiny. But truly is the not personal. It is always the destiny of Source, flowing into you through Life in the moment. If you attune to this resonance, any action you take will be empowered, energized, and electrified. In turn, it will empower the surrounding environment to the uniquely appropriate measure.”

“I sense that. It’s truly wonderful.” I scratch my head, though, wondering again. “So, V, I’m constantly drawn back to the question of ‘what are we doing here, you and I?’ What can we do with this Life of Source? What is different about this ‘project’ of yours from other teachings today? And excuse me. I must voice a concern that I have had for some months now.”

“Yes,” V immediately interrupts. “I know what you’re wondering. You’re feeling that all the teachings have already been given, that there is ‘nothing new under the sun’. Solomon voiced the same concern in the book of Ecclesiastes many centuries ago. It is a common passage for human minds. You feel there is a hiatus in the flow of inspiration into the world right now. All the old teachers and teachings seem to be tired and used up. Am I right?”

“Yes,” I exclaim. “That’s it. I listen and read their stuff and very little of it is inspiring any more. It seems rather empty and worn out, just rehashing old ideas.”

“This is true in a sense. There are clearly cycles, like waves and tides on the beach; some cycles last for millions of years. And yet there is never a halt in the flow of inspiration—the cosmic breath of Life. At your current time, there are many souls in need of catching up with what they missed from previous teachings. For them, the revelations are fresh and new. Continue reading

Chapter Six – “All Time Is Now”

“Thank you for taking the time to explain that—once again,” I acknowledge, still vibrating from my glimpse of the cosmic web. “We have been talking about presence. I sensed that size doesn’t matter to it; that surprised me, really. The same presence seemed to pervade the entire Cosmos when it was spread before me, with exactly the same intensity as on my own human scale.”

V answers, “You are correct. Presence is itself in all times and spaces, in all dimensions—great or small. Subatomic waves or inter-galactic filaments don’t matter—presence gives it all the same precious attention. It never varies or departs. Presence cannot leave, cannot separate. It is the very being of being itself.”

I continue to wonder, “Are we still on track in this conversation, V, with your project?”

“Indeed we are. Let me say it yet another way. The intention of this book is to aid you to identify with your true identity: The one that lies beneath form, beneath even Life itself—the utter bottom. Source! It is the Ancient of Days, the ‘one about whom naught may be said’. To ‘say’ anything about Source is to place it inside a form. Source is formless; it cannot be contained in a form, such as a definition or a concept or a feeling. It does, of course, generate all form, but its true reality is far beyond form. The ‘identity’ intention in these messages is to connect you and transmute you, not to form you, not to give you another form to identify with.”

I feel I need to challenge something she just said. “If nothing can be said about Source, what is it that you are saying here? Aren’t you talking about it now?” Continue reading