…more from Letter One “The Human Ego and Presence”

…In order for this letter to be received in its intended way, you the reader, must suspend disbelief. Then go on, I might add, to suspend belief entirely. Belief is a mental-emotional construct that substitutes for what is not or cannot be known; it presumes to tell you what to know about the unknown, and how you may deal with what you do not actually know. But belief is the twin sister of doubt, which is the stepchild of fear. It cannot take you into the realm where we are heading. For you to receive this message, you must begin to cultivate the other awareness. This awareness has been called many things, by great teachers throughout the ages—intuition, insight, inspiration, knowing, prescience, to name a few. None of these words is totally accurate, however.

The other awareness is barely being awakened in most of you who will be reading these words. It is similar to thinking, only it is much more direct, faster and open. It does not meander or go in circles without purpose like normal thought processes often do. It is detached and yet intimate, and overall it is alert. It is the awareness of things as they really are—from the inside out. The ordinary mind looks at things from the outside-in; that is to say it regards the forms of things. It labels and manipulates them as objects. The other awareness looks out from the formless being that underlies everything; it views each from the essence of all.

This is where I ask you to center yourselves while contemplating my words. The other awareness lies within the very center of thinking itself. Thought is one doorway into this consciousness. Use it as a launching pad for this other. It will take a little practice, more for some than others, but it does actually come naturally to everyone, even members of your species. It is built into the evolutionary imperative. That which is destined to be, has its seeds planted within from the very beginning.

The recognition recommended here, to encourage revelation of the other awareness, is to sense the spaces between thoughts. Sense the background to thinking, the feeling. Feel the space around your thoughts and within them, even as you think—especially then. Those of you who practice some form of meditation will already be familiar with the sensation, though perhaps not with the active component of the other awareness.

The alertness I encourage here is not passive; it is always active—focused yet flexible, penetrating yet receptive. As this sensitivity becomes awakened, you will find yourselves experiencing over time, many more intuitive flashes, synchronicities, and direct knowings. This is the foundation you will need to receive the import of this letter.

Allow me to put the same message in a more poetical form. Imagine this other sensing like a stream of water, flowing over pebbles and stones in a rivulet, somewhere in a quiet, natural setting. You are sitting on a grassy bank beside it. Put your hand in the water and feel it swirling around your fingers; put your gaze into the stream and the rippling flow. The flow is moving from some unknown source toward some unknown destination. Stretch your feelings out toward the unknown in both directions. Embrace the totality of this moment and movement; it rests within the center of the unknown.

The unknown is actually the Source of all knowing. It is the matrix, crucible and cradle of all knowledge and understanding. The unknown is synonymous with Truth, Peace, and Beauty, Tao, Allah, All That Is, and God, to name only a few. The unknown is the alpha and omega, origin and consummation of all creation. It is this Source that generates consciousness and drives the human mind to evolve toward the other awareness. Unknown, however, does not mean unknowable. Enter into this appreciation and you will be receiving the real message I seek to convey…

Copyright Ⓒ 2009 by Robert Potter

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