from Epilogue “Why Souls Come to Earth”

…”Oh My! I just had a thought. What you’re saying is that the ultimate goal of souls on Earth is not awakening or enlightenment. I guess I’ve always assumed that it was.”

You’re correct. Awakening is not some kind of divine end-point, as some might think. There is, in actuality, no end to soul growth. The goal is an ever-evolving maturity into wisdom and functionality in the Cosmic playground. As you grow, you will discover that the universe is a much more playful arrangement than humans were able to see on Earth.

“You’re saying that this world is created by us so that souls will develop experience? Well, for years now, I’ve been trying to do just the reverse. I’ve been trying to experience my soul! Is this counter to the flow of evolution? Am I working in the wrong direction, given my soul’s own mission?”

Not at all. Your question is one of the core paradoxes really. To desire to experience your soul, is actually to recognize a deeper process—that your soul desires to experience you. As you ponder and practice this, you are bridging into the union that is your destiny.

It is true that the Earth is a field for souls to gather life experience. But the Earth is also much more than that. It has a life and destiny of its own. The experience you are awakening to, in your desire, is the alignment with the whole of Conscious Evolution, both as a soul and as an earthly persona…

Copyright © 2009 by Robert Potter

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