from Epilogue “Why Souls Come to Earth”

…“So, how does the new Earth work? Let me ask again. What kind of training ground is it now? What pushes forward your growth if you no longer have to struggle?”

Look at it from the soul’s perspective. For long ages, the means to gain practical wisdom, was to take on a separated physical, emotional and mental body. You, as a soul, were willing to do this, and to undergo great hardships and persecutions, lessons of life and death. At the soul level, you knew it would all work out in the end. All the pain and suffering, as well as happiness and satisfaction over many lives, would eventually produce enough experience to gratify the divine desire for wisdom.

As you, the soul, grew and matured, the weight of physical and emotional fatigue, plus upwelling spiritual lucidity to be sure, began to tilt the balance. The entrenched ego and mind now became more of a barrier to growth than a stimulus. The more experienced, older souls on the planet reached a critical mass, and the whole body of souls turned on its axis, swinging around collectively toward the paradigm shift.

“All right. I can see the way this was unfolding. But I still don’t see how souls can get the experience they need without the old system dynamics of separateness and forgetfulness.”

It takes longer; this is true; it is a gentler ascent now. Some souls, at all ages, prefer gentler learning experiences. These were the souls who remained together in the new paradigm. The learning curve we have now is more appropriate for those who remained. In spite of the dynamic changes, our new system still has much of the same structure as the old. The range of engagement is still about the same, from novice to graduate. We pack more experience into each life, and we live longer on the physical plane.

The major difference now is that the illusion associated with duality has been dissolved. Yes, we still live in a duality, form world. But we are clear that it is not our ultimate reality. Separative awareness is no longer part of the scheme. Ego, pain and suffering are largely gone. Awareness of Source, soul and repeated incarnation is a given. Importantly, the genetic structure no longer supports fear and ego inflation. This amounts to what I have mentioned repeatedly—a new system, a new species, a new Earth, founded on a deep sense of authenticity and appreciation. In a word: freedom…

Copyright © 2009 by Robert Potter

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