from Letter Five “Who Are We Really?”

…“How do I find the Void?”

You find it, curiously, by not finding it, by looking where it shouldn’t be. It is revealed when all else is a-voided. I speak paradoxi-cally here, to loosen your mental grip. This need not be an exhaus-tive process. All you need is a firm and embodied intention.

“What’s that?”

An embodied intention is a desire that is embedded in your cellular being. You do this by directly sensing the tissues in your body. Once you find the Void, you will know it by its absence. You will feel like there is a very, very still space—a place of utter peace. It is electrifying, however. It defies understanding. It exudes a sense of bliss and profound energy, but it does not contain these things. It contains nothing at all. You cannot delineate the Void, or perceive it in any way. But you can identify with it. This is a fundamental paradox of the Cosmos—being without perception.

From there you simply allow, and infuse yourself with the magical stillness. Allow silence to come alive in you—she is a living being. For those who become accustomed to the practice, it only takes an instant to begin feeling the joy and the ticklish energy. Laughing and giggling at this point are the most natural reactions you can have. It is enhanced in the presence of others; there is an echo effect. Once the tiny spark ignites it will undulate upward and outward, through your body into the aura and air. It is like taking a warm shower of joy from the inside of your being.

“You’ve convinced me to try it. Thanks. By the way, a friend of mine has asked me to ask you a question.””

You are telling people about me?

“Yes. I thought that’s what you wanted.”

No problem. I just thought you would wait until we were fin-ished. But feel free to go ahead and talk. This message is intended for every human, eventually.

“Well, I have my doubts about whether every human will get this message.”

On the contrary, every human will get this message. Not from me and you necessarily. But every human is craving to know this message. You will hear it, most significantly, from within your own genes, as they mutate. This is, of course, the only place messages of truth can arise. This truth will help ease your transmutation. So, what is your friend’s question?

“She wants to know what your future looks like, from the time you’re living in? How do you relate to it? Have you tried to com-municate with it, like you have with the past? In other words, have you looked ahead as well as behind?”

This question is inevitable. The time project has indeed allowed us to look and speak into both directions. I cannot spend a lot of time right now relating an answer to this question, however, since it might distract us too much from my mission. Looking into the future has always been less clear than looking into the past, even before we created the time technology. This is because the past already has a layer of experiencing to it that the future does not. It has formal patterns that we can trace through the Now. The future, on the other hand, only has patterns of the unknown. But it too lies within the Now, and therefore, it can be traced.

In the case of this letter, I am moving into the past, even though I am coming from your future. I have you as a destination point to guide my trajectory.

Looking into the future does not relate to my project. Having said this, nevertheless we have made some tentative contacts with our year 1000.

“What have you found?”

Change continues to accelerate. Vigilans have, by no means, reached a final condition in the year 500. No age ever does, of course. Evolution is all about continuous and accelerating change. The beings of the year 1000 AI seem to have very little concern about us. We are just a given to them. They know we exist and that seems to be all they need to know.

These people are dwelling in the immediacy of their own mo-ment, using its divine energy as an inward propulsion system much more than any outward expression. They appear to be literally trav-eling within their own beings, and within the energy body of Con-scious Evolution. These people do not seem to have the limitations my world still has. They view their ethereal explorations every bit as real as any physical project might be for you or me. We would love to tap into their experiences more and perhaps apply what they have learned to our own inner research. Unfortunately, they have not been open to sharing much, so far…

Copyright © 2009 by Robert Potter

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