from Letter Twenty-Six “Health and Death”

“Are there any diseases or imbalances, that cannot be cured?”

There is no imbalance that cannot be balanced by Source. Source is the central generator of Life force, of all expression and experience. It is the architect of all forms in duality, and therefore, the creator and essence of balance. All forms of alignment ultimately point to Source.

“So, you’re telling me that all human illnesses are the result of an alignment problem? Following this theory, it’s no wonder that hu-man disease is so rampant: The average human knows next to nothing about alignment with Source or Life force.”

I understand, of course, that this was the case for humans. You did not possess such sensitivity. That situation is almost unimaginable to us. You did have meditation, prayer and positive thinking, which helped. But unfortunately, it was not enough in most cases to correct very serious illnesses.

“I can’t escape the feeling that it’s our fault somehow when we get sick, like we did something wrong to be out of alignment.”

You had, in fact, created your illnesses and misalignment, but there is no fault or blame in your predicament. You had not devel-oped the power of awareness that we have. Humans did not know the truth lying right inside themselves. But you did have access to Source if you chose it. The suggestions I gave you earlier are all di-rected toward assisting in this: Notice; do not use your energy for resistance; find your authenticity; expand your awareness beyond mind; accept the moment as yourself; and only take action upon inner alignment.

“So, to cure any disease, all we need to do is figure out how to align with Source! That’s what you’re saying?”

[Our new friend speaks again.] “It is not a matter of figuring out—that is a mental function. But in essence you are right. Simply take the mind out of that equation.”

This is not a trivial issue, however. [You quickly interject.] The alignment we’re talking about is nothing less than the profound awakening of spirit—that which humans never achieved as a whole species. Without the awakening in each individual and in the whole population, true alignment was not really possible. Humans suffered greatly in many ways. Illness of the body was bad enough. But the greatest of all, was the suffering caused by ignorance of true consciousness within. That is, of course, what misalignment with Source really means. This became the driving force in the ultimate mutation into homo evigilo.

“Can we humans learn from what you’re sharing with me? Can we be healthier by being more in touch with Source?”

Yes, indeed. Recall my suggestion to you regarding authenticity. If you reach within, to that true conscious being, you will find the power of any and all action. Healing is one of those actions. Authenticity is the health-giving connection, as I believe I said before. Authenticity is alignment and identification with Source.

“Yes. I do remember. Thanks. What about death then? Why do you die if you don’t have to have serious illnesses?”

[The old man does not answer, but looks serenely alert, hands folded in his lap. He is participating with us through his silent gaze.]
Remember another thing I told you about evolution. Death is an important function in evolution, just as important as birth. When it arrives, we embrace it with the full vigor of the soul.

Copyright © 2009 by Robert Potter

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