from Letter Twenty-Nine “Center of the Galaxy

“So, it was our destiny to come to the center of the galaxy? Tell
me again, why is this energy of change coming from here? Why isn’t
the Great Storm just a planetary issue?”

This Storm is indeed of concern to the whole galaxy. The Black
Hole is where the life energies of the star system are most concen-
trated and original. It is the beating heart of us all. The Milky Way is
a living organism, vast as it is. Most humans did not conceive of it
that way; nor did they even view the Earth as being alive. For vigi-
lans, such distorted thinking seems preposterous. Of course it’s all
alive, not just humans, plants and animals! The whole Cosmos is alive!

The heart of the galaxy is also where the interplanetary energies
are most dynamic and severe. I should have guessed that this is
where we would find all the dualities most intensified. It is the ulti-
mate in compression and explosive force. We had it all bound up,
mashed together and hammered hard.

“To put it mildly!”

“But why does Earth’s transition have to be so stormy? Why
couldn’t it be a more peaceful transition?”

The reason for the storminess is that the local universe is awak-
ening to its reality. It is realizing how long and how deeply it has
been asleep. That’s what is so tumultuous. And the birth of a new
species is always going to have its pangs.

“That certainly makes sense. It could make one a little irritable,
I guess.”

Indeed. That’s what you’ve got in your time, an irritable planet!

“Yes, sadly. The planet is in distress.”

Now here is my perception of why we were drawn here.
“I thought you just told me.”

No. It goes much deeper than that. Our soul has been orches-
trating all that we’ve done together. It has involved three major spe-
cies, at least, and two universes now. Who knows what other spe-
cies may be affected or engaged! I know for a fact there are many
extraterrestrials at work in this. The whales and dolphins are, of
course, in on it too.

“The awakening of evolution is a big deal, eh?”

Yes. A very big deal! And we just happen to be smack in the
middle of it. By the union of our two species, we can demonstrate,
in a small psychic space, the whole great transition. We can play our
part in shifting very large principles on the galactic stage.

I’m a bit chagrinned to admit it, but vigilans have always looked
back upon the human species as a kind of necessary darkness, a boor-
ish phase of evolution. We have, unwittingly, fostered a separation
between us that has held vigilans back, as well as humans. We have
not risen to our full appreciative destiny as a result of this. Angelans,
for their part, have known all along what was happening, but they
were waiting for the right moment, when revelation would be most
helpful; and that would be the Great Storm.

Copyright © 2009 by Robert Potter

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