If you have ever wondered about tomorrow, about what is happening now to this planet Earth, or about how the future may differ from today, this book is for you. In its pages you will find a description of the times you are living in—from the vantage point of 500 years beyond.

Humanity is passing through the severest test of its entire lifetime on Earth. It is the ultimate test of evolutionary fitness for survival. The defining attribute of homo sapiens was the ego. It brought forth extraordinary developments during its tenure. But its time is over. This experiment of evolution has come to an end.

How is this possible? It happens through the awakening of evolution itself, through a transmutation at the genetic level of your species. Evolution is becoming conscious in you. The time has come for a change.

The story of these Letters from 500 is startling, yet abundantly affirming and hopeful. It tells how humanity finds freedom, and how transformations already underway are leading into a new world—and a new species.

Enter into the adventure yourself. Go into the Letters and appreciate what is being delivered. There is no need to wait for the future. It is here, now!

A dialogue with our future selves…

Copyright © 2009 by Robert Potter

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