from Letter Fourteen “Sides of Oneness”

…“Just to help me get a clearer picture of how an egoless society
would work, let me ask about a specific real question that exists in
my world today. In the United States there is a longstanding tradi-
tion of conservatism that wants to be more restrained in interna-
tional affairs, more isolationist. On the other side, there is the opin-
ion that the United States should be more responsible and active on
the world stage, and do more engagement. How would your society
look at this problem? Aren’t both sides right in their own ways?”

Yes, this is very good to use as an illustration. We still have the
conservative and progressive sides of society in my time as well. In
a bipolar world, there will always be two sides, like two eyes in our
heads. We see more accurately and in depth with two eyes than with
one. The dual points of view, at the societal level, are like this.
What’s more, there is a creative tension generated from such polar-
ity. This is an engine of evolution, a very positive thing, especially in
the absence of ego. In your day, it was positive when compromise
could be reached, and ego could be transcended for the good of the

In our day, the difference is that we do not need to deal with
large ego issues in order to reach compromise. The state of com-
promise is our starting point. We feel first the background of our
awareness together, then the foreground of our variances; this
background is the divine promise. Our interests do differ amongst
individuals. This gives rise to lively dialogues that bring up the
deeper meanings of what we see on the surface.

“Yes, I understand that. You’ve at least implied that before.
But please show me how it applies to the specific example.”

In your society, both sides are feeling an inner reality that they
are bringing to the surface. In that sense, they are doing the same
thing we would do. What happens once these feelings are brought
up, however, is quite different. Almost immediately, your condi-
tioned patterns also come up. Each side quickly takes a position on
the matter. Your life experiences give you the desire to lean either
toward engagement or isolation. The ego takes the path of least resis-

Over the centuries, each position had proven correct at differ-
ent times and in different circumstances. Therefore, each position
could be justified by its narrow, ego focus. The justifications nor-
mally took over the deeper awareness. Reality took a back seat.

Nevertheless, the greater good generally prevailed. In the course of
your national debates, the deeper guidance would return to the col-
lective mind. There was, however, no guarantee of this, and the
pendulum swung erratically over the course of your nation’s life-

“This makes me want to ask about our national lifetime. How
long does the United States last? I get the impression, however, that
it would be better to saved this for later.”

Indeed. This is an example, in you, of the deeper sensitivities
I’ve just been referring to. I will get to this subject at another time.
To continue now, I said earlier that we start from compromise, or
promise. What this means is that we have an understanding of the
oneness of all creation. There is no questioning in our minds that
can subvert this awareness; it is alive in us at the base level. This is
like your own sense of honoring family, for example; it arises first
and last in you mind…

Copyright © 2009 by Robert Potter

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