from Letter Twenty “Source”

…[I can see my DNA, the strands of molecules, nucleotides and
atoms, winding in their double helix formations. Somehow I in-
nately know which of these combine to incubate the separation in
consciousness, and ego formation. I see them pulsing in a soft glow,
surrounded by dancing filaments of something I can’t identify. I
want to call it light, but that’s not quite right. It’s as though I am
looking into something that does not have existence yet. As I ask
within what these filaments are, something tells me they are the im-
pressions of mutations about to be made. They are the pre-
embryonic presence at the very root of creation. What is this silent
voice speaking to me?…]

[…I ask,] “Where is the Source? May I meet the Source?”

[Immediately I am imploding. I feel myself sucked into the
point of peace riding in my heart. Everything is collapsing into it-
self. All the images of particles and substances are extinguished in
this inward rush. All light is gone. But equally, there is no darkness
either. It is nothing. It is the Void. How am I continuing to relate
what I’m experiencing? How can I be communicating from the
Void? The answer comes, and then it slips away. I cannot say this. I
am now at the heart and birthplace of paradox. This place precedes
all creation and existence.]

“Where is the Source?” [I start to ask. But there is no answer;
no question. Only This. Only nothing. I am at the center point of
everything. It is infinitely empty, devoid of creation, devoid of
meaning, of existence, or qualities of any kind. There is no longer
any motion. All is utterly still. It is devoid even of consciousness. I am
shocked. There is only This. I could call it Life, I suppose, but it is
not like the life that we know in our surface world above. It is so
concentrated and yet so infinite that there is no understanding it, no
defining it, not even slightly. It would be pointless to say any more…]

Copyright © 2009 by Robert Potter

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