How to use the information in the “Letters”


10/20/09 This message was sent to Robert from O to benefit all who resonate with the Letters.

“O, will you please tell us how the reader can best use the information in the Letters?”

Thank you for the request. We are here listening to you and Stefan with great interest. All that you have said is leading the reader in just the direction we would recommend.

“O, sorry for the interruption, but who is ‘we’?”

My group of twelve souls has assembled to direct our energy for this and every other communication we have made to you. We are sitting in a circle of silence in my living room—the one you yourself have visited a number of times.

Back to your question. We would recommend that the reader find her or his own approach to the materials. There is a living essence projected into it from the twelve of us. Find that essence within yourselves by reading the letters. This is a reciprocal relationship. Your life and the life of the Letters are one and they are also two. Find within this relationship the means for your own soul to bridge between one and two—oneness and duality.

I know this sounds esoteric. It is the theory behind the answer to your question. Once you begin to activate in yourselves the bridge, you can release any awareness of the mechanics. Simply flow with the messages. Let them flow within you. Receive them with your heart first, then with the mind. Not the reverse. There is nothing wrong with testing them in your mind. But without the open-heart receiver, you will not be getting the real message. You will just be getting words and thoughts. The real message is behind that. Look more deeply.

Finally, for this brief transmission, I would say let the life come through. The life that is being delivered in the words will live in you. It will grow and manifest in you increasingly over time with your acceptance. It will bear fruit in small and large things in your life. Notice this when it begins to happen. Pay attention, appreciate the life that is growing within you. It is the start and continuance of the mutation. Allow and accept. Test it all in your mind and then always go deeper—into your authentic being.

“Thank you, O and all. Is there anything else you would like to say?”

Be refreshed as you read. If you do not feel refreshed by the materials stop immediately. Wait for the opening to occur within you. The refreshments are on their way.

Copyright 2009 Robert Potter

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