“The Times They Are A-Changin”

And we can make that change a more beautiful prospect. All you need to do is to be Conscious, to Notice all within your space and to Appreciate. Appreciation emanates from deep within the Heart Center and radiates out to the far corners of the Cosmos. Imagine it and it will be.

from Letter Twenty-Two “Appreciation”

…To repeat, enhancing your appreciation, requires only that you desire it and ask for it. But this desire must be clear, crystal clear. You must know exactly what it is you are asking—and what you will become when the request is granted. That is the reasoning behind all my long discourses with you.

To increase appreciation, you must set yourself on the path beyond ego. Your ego will not like this. It will fight you, in both overt and subtle ways. It will meet you head-on, and it will sneak up behind you and pull the rug out from under your feet. It will infuse itself into your subtlest reactions and perceptions. It will enter any form you identify with, including those you call spiritual.

If you truly, clearly desire appreciation, however, you will persist. If you persist, you will open the door to mutation within your own body and soul. Here’s my advice: When ego engages you in the battle of Kurukshetra, do not fight back. Do not put resistance into the equation. Resistance, coming from you, is coming from the ego. It is a graphic sign that ego is still in control. The only way for you to proceed is through surrender—something the ego will never understand. It cannot follow you there. It cannot fight that. It has no weapons to fight against surrender.

Surrendering to Source means that you consciously desire to transform your being, your connection and alignment with being. Whenever ego presents its face, or you notice it slipping in the back door, choose the path of surrender. You will be giving to your ego the absence of resistance. You will be showing it that you mean it no harm and that you are not defending against it. Again and again the ego will assert itself. Again and against, this is the way of ego. It is always ready to slip back into control in the slightest instance of unconsciousness.

Persist in giving your gift of surrender to the ego. In essence, you are allowing the ego to be within your presence. You are giving the ego freedom—the gift of conscious free will…

Copyright _ 2009 by Robert Potter

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  1. Stefan/Robert, Love the new cover with the additional “hijos” of our special angel……..The scene on the beach is what I envisioned when I read the first blog on Robert sitting on the beach, gazing out at the ocean. I imagined that this must be O walking beside him, leaving footprints in the sand but was there one set or two??? Must recheck SF. Love the monalithic rocks jutting out of the sea – are the Hedgestones of Ireland??
    Can’t wait to read the next blog? When can I buy the book?
    besos y abrazos silver fox,


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