from Letter Six “Conscious Evolution”

…We, you and I and the others involved in this project, are playing with high stakes. We have attracted the attention of Conscious Evolution itself. I am beginning to see. I might be tempted to say I’m sorry for bringing you into this, except I know now it is way beyond me. It is your destiny.

“What is this Conscious Evolution up to? Does it meddle in our individual lives? Does it actually think and plan out events?”

Not in the way that a human mind would approach solving problems or scheming about the future. No. Its ways are much more advanced than any of us can hope to understand. After all, it’s been evolving its form of intelligence since the birth of the Cosmos. Any Earthly mind is too limited to comprehend the scope of such a vast and delicate process. In evolution, the intelligence is built into the substance of creation itself. This is what many have called God, without knowing the half of it.

During the Great Storm that lies in the dark gulf between you and me, destiny rose up rampant. Conscious Evolution offered up a grand event that shook the foundations of our world. The ruling species—humanity—had to be replaced. The pressure from within evolution moved mutation forward. Survival was the need at hand. As Darwin saw, the survival instinct was always Life’s most active tool of progression.

“Is there a grand plan behind all this then?”

Conscious Evolution does not think or plan or design. It does not use intellect, except through very localized phenomena, such as our own minds. Rather, it works organically, within the intelligent essence of Life, giving impetus to creation. While it is impersonal, it is also profoundly intimate.

This is not satisfying to the mind that wants to have targeted outcomes. The intellect seeks guidance from without, not from within. It always looks outside itself for support, reinforcement, and dare I say it again, defense. Nature is pragmatic and direct. It always looks within to Source. It needs no plans to achieve its destiny.

“What do you mean by destiny? Doesn’t that imply a goal in the future?”

Destiny lies only in the immediate moment. It is the beginning and the end of all things, and everything in between. It is the essence of authenticity and the truth of our being. Destiny is what guides us through life and provides the resonance to know who we are, why we’re here. To act in accordance with destiny is to be God in action…

Copyright © 2009 by Robert Potter

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