more from Letter Twenty-Two “Appreciation”

How can I Appreciate more the the magic of living and life;
when every day seems to bring more
chaos and worry and strife?
How can I Appreciate more the gifts that my soul has in store;
by living the heart instead of the mind I now can Appreciate more.

This blogger’s thoughts on Appreciation.

more from Letter Twenty-Two “Appreciation

…One more important thing I must add: Appreciation is the
source of all joy. Joy is what appreciation feels like. Joy arises only
from within, as distinguished from happiness, which is an outer
emotion. Appreciation is the source of feeling abundance in our
lives, indeed in yours as well. Happiness is a fleeting condition, de-
pendent of situations and events. It arises through avoidance of its
opposite, sadness or disappointment. Appreciation and joy embrace
all—even so-called opposites. As soon as you link with objectless
appreciation, there is a joy and gratitude that wells up inside you,
limited only by your own openness to accept it.

“You said appreciation is the value of awareness. What does
that mean?”

Appreciation is a qualification of awareness, a quality of being.
As I’ve pointed out before, there are infinite forms of awareness,
from subatomic to inter-galactic. Our vigilan sense of appreciation
is just one more. But for us it is the defining quality of our species,
as the ego was for you. These functions are the gateways of feeling,
the ways we reach into our experiences on this Earth. They are the
value of our lives.

Copyright © 2009 by Robert Potter

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