from Letter Thirty “Finishing”

The journey that the author and O have taken could be an allegory for our continued advancement in our present species and the next. The truth behind this story is the truth in all consciousness – ever expanding, ever re-creating, ever evolving. The Source from which this truth emanates offers gratitude to our warrior souls for their effort and persistence. We must take this challenge of life, face it square and stride forward.

excerpt from Letter Thirty “Finishing”

…The Cosmos is remaking itself in us. We are being born here as a
new universe.

We are merging with the future. The future is merging with us,
in this eternal moment. Awareness of it will grow within each and
every being on the planet. You and I have only been one set of its
messengers—a couple of seed planters. From now on, every being
is her or his own messenger. Every being is one being at the Source,
filling up with inspiration and appreciation, and carrying those mes-
sages out into the thirsty, waiting world. This is where it’s coming
from, and where it’s going to.

The message is emerging out of the center of each conscious
being. That is where it’s returning, renewed and exalted. There are
as many different forms of this message as there are individuals.
Our letters have been just one of these messages—forming, re-
forming, shifting in the wind, opening a window on the wonders we

Copyright © 2009 by Robert Potter

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