from Letter Two “My World”

…I’ve mentioned the term evolution a number of times, and for good reason. If there is a God in the universe, it is Evolution, Conscious Evolution. And why shouldn’t there be a God? There is plenty of room for everything in All That Is.

Evolution is consciousness in its most elaborate and limitless expression. As all things in creation change and grow, the storehouses of understanding fill ever more fully. The change and growth includes, of course, dissolution and death as well. All forms come and go. Evolution remains. No lesson in all of the multi-trillion living forms, over multi-trillion eons, is ever lost. Each and every happening in the universe becomes a lesson the Cosmos is learning about itself, a lesson it uses to push yet further the boundaries of consciousness. We are integral to all this. We, the students, are in fact our own teachers. We are the Cosmos, the Now and the presence. We are evolution itself.

“This is rather boggling my mind. Maybe the mind is supposed to be boggled by all this! You’re saying, We are the Cosmos?”

Don’t worry! It is a simple matter. What else would we be, if we weren’t the Cosmos?

“I can see being a part of the Cosmos, of course. But not the whole thing.”

The Cosmos is wholeness; if you’re part of it, you’re all of it. In essence, it is not really a thing. You are not a thing either. You and the Cosmos are the consciousness inhabiting things, like a galaxy, or like your mind and body. You are the essence of creation, existing beyond and behind forms, beyond dimensions, beyond concepts, yet also inhabiting a small, seemingly insignificant form. The true you, the consciousness that has no boundaries, is limitless.

“All right, I’ll work on that! The biggest question, right now for me, is what do you mean we are not the same species? What happened to humanity? Where did we go? Where did you come from? How did it come about?”

This is a large story, the underlying purpose of this whole communication. I would prefer to wait until Letter Three to begin it. Suffice it to say, for now, that my species evolved out of yours. The transition was tumultuous for a while. The old ways usually do not pass away without a fight. This was a classic struggle for supremacy, but not in the way the world had ever seen before. The new species was emerging from within the old, into a truly conscious being. The ego-mind was being turned inside out, even as it fought to survive and maintain its structure. Ultimately, it was a battle for who would appreciate reality more…


Copyright © 2009 by Robert Potter

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