from Letter Fourteen “Sides of Oneness”

…“I know you don’t mean it this way—and I also recognize it’s my ego asking—but the way you refer to yourselves as ego-free sounds almost proud to my ears, speaking for a human of the 21st Century. It sounds a bit preachy. I just thought I should put that out on the table.”

Yes. I understand. Please accept that I speak as objectively as I can. It is a fact that we are largely egoless beings. But all things are relative. We have by no means reached an end point of awakening; there is no perfection in our outer countenance. There are varying degrees to all abilities in a duality world. The distinctions that are important to see here are the ones that are driving the evolutionary change in your time, the Great Storm. The ego and the relative unconsciousness of humanity are those driving factors.

“I keep coming back to the… well, I guess it’s a fear of mine… that this awakening could never happen in reality. On the one hand it sounds like wishful thinking. On the other, it sounds like an avoidance fantasy for the psyche. I know we’ve covered this before. But I still feel it. I’m sure others of my kind would too, again and again.”

Again and again, I assure you that you are moving into a realm in which all things are changing dramatically, fundamentally and thoroughly. You all can feel this in acute ways. You do not know where it is leading, but you do know that the world will not ever be the same again. Many of you feel that it is getting worse by the minute, and that it will result in complete meltdown and disaster at some point. Evidence in your news every day seems to confirm the worst fears. All of this adds up to the greatest fear, collectively, that humanity has ever faced. This you all can observe. This you know.

“What is that greatest fear?”

It is the ultimate loss of control, death of your species, destruction of all you hold dear upon the Earth. That is what you fear. It is a well-founded fear. Your egos are reading the future. They don’t know how this information is coming to them, but it is. It is the impending doom of mankind. The stakes are enormous: it’s all hell breaking loose, going for broke, the last showdown. Whether people can articulate it to themselves or not, or whether they are willing to admit it or not, this is what they are feeling, every man, woman and child on Earth!

What I am here to tell you is that there is more to the story than you can see. I see it because I am looking back at it from 500 years. I know what happens. There is truly only one thing that can happen: It is evolution. The tensions and pressures are so high in you right now that nothing is going to stop your destiny. That destiny is to awaken, to become like us, to indeed become us!…

Copyright © 2009 by Robert Potter

Note on Chapter Changes: In preparing the book for press there has been some condensing of the chapters, hence chapter numbers have changed in some cases. Letter Fourteen was ‘The House With No Roof’ and  is now ‘Sides of Oneness’.

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