Deck the Halls with Baughs of Divine Golden Light

It always seems there is some crisis of sorts going on this time of year when thoughts of giving to those more needy should be the way. We pass by department store Santas with bells-a-ringing and kettles-a-yearning for contributions to our favorite Christmas time charities, Volunteers of America and The Salvation Army. According to news reports, this year the sidewalk Santa will be missing due to economic hard times. The Salvation Army will still be placing 25,000 volunteers around the country.

With our inability to give monetarily, as before, there is still a way to enhance the lives of all around the globe. There is an internal way to spread light and joy to others and it only takes a few minutes of your time.

Imagine a web, a golden web, emanating from your being and stretching to every human being on the planet. Visualize this, see it in your minds eye. It will start at your heart center and branch out to the rest of the globe. Imagine that this web carries  electromagnetic energy and can travel to all corners of the earth to each and every person on the planet. Feel the sensation of giving, allow it to imbue you with golden light. As you surrender to this field of light push it out from your heart center into the matrix of the golden web. If you are sincere in your heart and mind the web will carry blessings and goodness to all humankind. Ask your friends to help with this mission. It will give you great feelings of joy and bring you closer to the divine essence that is in you. This is Oneness with the Cosmos.

What better gift could you give in this holiday season!

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  1. Strefan,

    I love this. I just followed your recommendation and it made an instant difference in my presence. I feel that golden-orange energy pulsing and flowing in and out of my chest. Very good. Thanks.



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