more from…Letter Fourteen “Sides of Oneness”

Through the ages there have been wise men who have been able to transcend the suffering that humnkind has been experiencing for thousands of years. But these gurus, avatars, saints are few and far between. We have tried to transcend the maya or illusion that comes with our species separation from the Divine Light, but spirit  made a deal with Conscious Evolution to explore this separation, through ego, this go around and explore it we did.

And now the game must change for the salvation of spirit here on earth. Conscious Evolution has decided to change the playing field and bring in a new set of players. These players are our mutated selves. What we are to become next in the Cosmic Lila. This change can take place right now, right here. We just have to give the contestants a new set of tools to work with:

“…Must we always be stuck in this disconnect from spirit? Surely there’s some hope. I’ve experienced breakthroughs in my own life, at times. I have had experiences of my inner being, when I was more than just a body or a mind. I have felt that expanded awareness on a number of occasions. Doesn’t this indicate that we are not locked into the genetic structure you are depicting? Doesn’t it mean that we can get out of this predicament?”

Indeed you can. You do. The way is called mutation. The way to open yourselves to the awareness of innate oneness in creation, is to be created anew, from within. Your species does, in fact, make the big breakthrough. It does evolve itself into the state of knowing, of intuitively understanding where you are and where you come from. There is abundant hope.

“But I’m afraid you are also implying that we humans will continue to suffer the feelings of separation and aloneness as long as we are homo sapiens.”

Yes, I am. More than just implying it, I’m saying ‘Hurrah’ for it. It is an absolute necessity for evolution. Without your sacrifice, you the prodigal sons of evolution, the process would not have moved forward. It is required that you suffer until such pressure develops in the evolutionary strain to force the genetic change. I refer you back to Letter Thirteen for more specific techniques and suggestions on how to ride out the storm, and to alleviate some of your suffering. Try to see it this way: Your suffering and feelings of being cut off from divinity, are for a deep and grand purpose. It is your curse, but it is also your privilege and gift to the Cosmos.

“I guess that’s some comfort. We’re suffering for a noble cause! But I will keep asking for something else from you. Surely there is a way to hasten this awakening you’re talking about. Why do we just have to wait and wait until, spirit gets ready?”

Because you are spirit. You have to be ready, not get ready. What this means is that you, and humankind, have been evolving into a state of conscious opening and alignment for thousands of years; millions of years would not be an inaccurate timeframe. Still now, if you can ask the question you just asked, it indicates that you are ready. That awakening could happen at any moment for you, and for anyone who is asking such a question. Destiny is upon you.

“How can I really sense that destiny? I assume you’ll say it’s the same as sensing God or Source.”

Precisely. They are each the same. Let me walk you through a little exercise in sensing your destiny. Confirm an intention right now to use your awareness, as fully as you can. Start with simple thinking; this is probably the easiest form of awareness for you right now. Then feel your emotions, whatever they are at this moment. Next, with a clear grasp of your thinking process and emotions, let go a little; just relax in your mind and body. Feel the release, even if it’s only slight. Notice that this feels like an expansion within yourself. It is an expansion. Consciousness is opening just a bit wider in you.

Now, stay with the feeling of being aware and opening. This is subtle, but real. Do not fix your attention on any objects or thought-forms in your mind. The consciousness is in you, not outside you. Even your thoughts are outside the real you. Another illusion to release is that you are embracing your reality; this is inaccurate as well. You are the inside of everything! As you hold the intention of not fixing on forms, feel the flow of awareness around you. That awareness is continuously floating in the spaces between your thoughts and emotions.

Notice your mind’s temptation to look for something—a form, an object, a concept to latch onto. Let the mind be what it is; just don’t follow its lead. Let it go where it will. Now join the flow, the feeling of release around the point-of-you. The mind will send probes into your state of release, attempting to regain control. It will urge you to separate from your awareness and fall back into the hypnosis of thinking. It will urge you to attach to a form, some thing outside your point self. This is the essence of separation from Source. It all began here in this urge to go outward. Expansion is not an outward movement. It is a realization within. It is touching your destiny.

Use your awareness to see these things, these forms and urges. If you catch yourself slipping under the mind’s spell, realize that in the catching you have regained your awareness. Recognize the way the mind wants you to go. Now choose the other direction. When you see the mind pulling one way, you go the other. If it pulls you to think about something, let go of that and flow. If it urges you to move outward from your point of awareness, go even more deeply within.

To summarize: Choose an intention in your awareness. Feel your mind and emotions together. Then let go just a little. Notice a slight expansion of consciousness within yourself. Not fixing on any objects or forms, feel the flow of awareness around you. Finally, join the flow, the feeling of destiny.

Copyright © 2010 by Robert Potter


  1. I did this exercise, on the bus on my commute to NY of all places, very surprising. It put a huge smile on my face and totally set the outcome of my day in a much more real direction.


    1. Congratulations Peter. You are feeling the tug toward Awareness of your core essence. This subtle stream of Conscious Awareness is the beginning of the transmutation into our future selves. The family is expanding. Bravo!


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