The Soul… and it’s Host – Letter Nine “Future Self”

If the consciousness that ignites us and animates our physical form is the primary divine living entity, then our physical form is acting as a host for this divine essence that is generated from the Source, the Godhead. It provides the host body with information that is key to the experience the host will have on the physical plane. However, veiled from the awareness of the ego-self it is relegated the position of a bystander until the time we become conscious of our oneness with all that is.

“But wait. Who are these people I keep seeing? What is this Void thing?”

You seem to be connecting with some of my friends, people who are working in the project. As for the Void, it is a field of awareness that both exists and does not exist, simultaneously. It is not a thing; yet it is a space. It is with us at all times, all around, inside and beyond. It is a field of great emptiness that blossoms forth into all creation in the Cosmos. It is where the Big Bang came from. It is timeless and formless.

“All right, this is all a lot for me to take in right now. I feel a little upside-down, or maybe its inside-out from reading your letters; and now I’m seeing these visions! And you’re telling me I just met up with this Void space. I hardly know where to go from here. Let’s go back to something simpler, like the end of humanity. It’s all so boggling. I don’t know. If humanity is destined to end anyway, aren’t you concerned that we might just take what you’re saying as a reason to give up, and not do anything anymore? What if we decide to just sit tight and be complacent?”

I’m not concerned. Listen more closely. I am saying you created us. If you were to give up, vigilans would not exist. Your role is essential for the unfolding of all futures! I am saying that everything your species is doing is entirely necessary. Besides, humans do not give up. That is their nature—why they were so successful in evolution. These letters are designed to give you a way of looking at your times with hope, and generosity for yourselves. No species has ever been given such an opportunity—awareness of its own extinction. As hard as it may be for your egos to accept these words, the presence within them will have a healing and regenerative effect.

“I guess I’m just not ready for everything you’re saying all at once. I do have a feeling about it that is resonating in me. But I think it’s a lot to ask of us, to consider the end of our species, and being replaced by another, even if it turns out to be a better one.”

This I understand. I never implied my message would be an easy one to swallow. Another way you might choose to look at it is purely as metaphor. As I explained before, it matters not whether you believe what I say. You do not have to accept this as rational truth. That is not the point. All I really ask is that you align yourself with the change in awareness. The details of what actually may or may not happen are largely insignificant.

“All right. Fine. I’ll stop pursuing that for now. Let me ask you more about yourself. You say you have no name. But who are you? What are your credentials to be telling me all this? Why should I even listen? How is it that you are transmitting these words through me, through my keyboard?”

I am in the same space and moment you are. Through that superposition we are able to share thought patterns and turn them into words that become characters on the keyboard and your computer screen. It is one of the inventions of my world, as I already described—the Transposition of Time. It turns out that you and I are very much alike at the level of resonance. This is why we are able to superimpose our thoughts and impressions. I can bypass the egoic barrier in you by means of our deeper resonance. In terms of this, I am a kind of future version of yourself. The same conscious presence that is in your personality, in human form, is living in me, as the evolved, mutated being of the new species.

“Holy cow! You are my future reincarnation?”

I wish not to put it that way, but it is a similar notion. I am not conscious of having lived before as you, if that’s what you mean. However, the life threads of individuality do continue lifetime after lifetime in physical forms. Those who study longitudinal awareness recall memories of their former selves. Anyone has access to these memories if we look far enough within. In your day, and in ancient human religions, this was indeed called reincarnation. But we do not look at it in any religious sense. In fact we have no religions as such.

“No religions! That’s shocking. Many humans will not want to hear that!”

We have no need for religions. Allow me to explain. Look at the word religion; it literally means ‘binding back’. Humanity was a phase of awareness where the little self was cut off from its Source; it needed archetypal images and god-figures to try and reconnect with that origin. This was homo sapiens. Homo evigilo is quite different. We are born knowing our connection to Source. What we have instead of religion is comprehension of the Source that religion sought to connect with. We feel it on a continuous basis, hence no need to bind back. Now in another sense, yes I am a personification of your soul.

“What is the soul to you? How do you define it?”

The soul is a bridge between form and formlessness. It is the conduit that allows consciousness to move from oneness into duality. The awareness of soul is the closest experience my world has to what your world knew as religion. What I communicate to you now is very much what your own soul would say to you if you were able to speak with it. Were you to reach inward and have a conversation with your own soul, you would experience the same result as speaking with me.

Copyright © 2010 by Robert Lee Potter

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