Letter Twenty-Three “Health and Death”

With so much of this country’s involvement today in Health Care and Health Practices it seems fitting that we visit with this next Letter and imagine what it would be like to live in a world where solving health issues was a matter of personal alignment, within our own beings, and not a bureaucratic mis-alignment of power and greed. We, as a species, seem to always direct our energy on the ‘problems’ of life rather than the natural flow of life. We have moved away from intuitive pairing with the true essence of being and created an illusion of need. It has grown to such disproportions that the Corporatocracy has made  zillions on our very weakness to need and want. We have lost our personal power and in doing so we have created illusions of righteousness that will topple even the strongest of god-men. Perhaps there is a solution to all this mess we made. Read on:

“You’ve been working on this for 200 years?”

“213 to be precise. But it would be more than that if I hadn’t misplaced a few years back at the beginning.” [He winks. This time I know enough to chuckle at his rather aged sense of humor.]

“So, that would mean you are very old by the standards of my world.”

“Yes, I think so. I’ve been around a long, long time. I am ancient even by modern standards—that is, this time frame.”

“What determines how long you live?”

“Most vigilans live well over a hundred Earth years. After a century and a half though, we normally begin to feel the gravity of Source tugging us back. But it is always a matter of choice for us. We use appreciation to make our ways through life—into lifetimes and then out of them again. For my part, I have felt the pull to return for a while. I will not be in this body much longer.

“Are you ill?”

“No. We do not have major illnesses here.”

“You what? Are you saying you don’t have diseases?”

“There are occasional mistakes and accidents which result in what humans called disease. The body can encounter difficulties at times, yes. When this occurs to us, we either rapidly correct the imbalance or exit the Earth plane. Mostly we do not pay these situations much mind; they are so infrequent.”

“How have you managed to do it, to eradicate disease? That’s an amazing development.”

This is part of all vigilan experience. [You add in a matter-of-fact voice.] We still have minor challenges to the body, of course, especially as children. We accept these as adjustments. But we experience virtually no life-threatening illnesses or diseases.

“You never told me! This is unbelievable! Wonderful! I’ll rephrase my question then. How did vigilans do it?”

[You answer.] I did mention it before; you may not have noticed. For all vigilans, health is simply a matter of alignment with Source. Health and alignment are one and the same, innate for us. Disease was nothing more than a misalignment of internal forces. Being at ease is the natural state. Knowing this is one of the great gifts of the appreciative faculty. We are able to feel directly into being, and to know our appropriate balance with the environment. Being acquainted with a human now, I realize how blessed vigilans are.

[The old man again.] “We are aware immediately if we are out of alignment. While these feelings are very subtle, we cannot easily deny or delay them as you humans could.”

[You continue.] If misalignment happens, we deepen our presence at once; corrective action ensues. Since we are sensitive to very slight disturbances, we rarely allow them to go beyond initial stages. We do much with our presence to maintain equilibrium at all levels. For instance, we do not put resistance into our bodies or our environments, as I counseled you earlier.

“Yeah, yeah. Is this discomfort you feel like illness then?”

Somewhat perhaps. But it is very short-lived. With our heightened sensitivities, we register imbalances in our health long before they can do any real harm. We are aware of any abnormalities in infants and embryos as well and can take corrective actions well before babies are born.

“As we reach old age, just as in humans, the body gradually weakens and requires additional attention. This is the natural passage.” [The aged man chuckles and rubs his elbows.]

Being rapidly in tune with Source in these situations also gives us the intuitive remedies we need—that is, a desire for appropriate restorative foods, exercises and activities. If we have difficulty interpreting the inner directive, we have counselors who are available to assist. Sometimes death passages will bring on illness at the very end of physical life, due to the disequilibrium in the body preparing for release. But these are brief and we suffer little in dying.

“What would happen if you ignored the warning signals, say if you were too busy on one of your projects or something, and accidentally let disease develop in you. Do you have doctors and hospitals and such? And what about accidental injuries?”

We have doctors and health counselors, yes, but no hospitals. Those institutions went the way of cities, and for much the same reasons—too much centralization of resistant energy. Dispersal and localization of resources is much healthier, both for individuals and the community as a whole. For injuries, sudden trauma and accidents we have specialist teams readily available everywhere.

In the hypothetical case you raised, the cure would be the same as if the disease had been caught early. The individual would center him or herself and tap into Source for guidance. This might be done with or without a doctor. The guidance would then be followed to remove any injury, resistance or instability in the system. It might take longer to correct at that time, but it would still be rapid by your standards. Our bodies are maintained in better condition than human bodies were. This is another function of deep appreciation.

“But what about viruses, infections and other pathogens? How do you keep these from affecting you? What about disabilities?”

[The old one answers.] “Disabilities are part of every individual to one degree or another. No one is physically perfect. Major physical dysfunctions, however, are corrected by going straight into causal levels and adjusting the microscopic disturbances there. Direct soul connection guides all such adjustments. Pathogens do affect us. These elements are around at all times, of course. The difference is that we do not receive them as attacks. We use them as signals to pay attention and make adjustments within our minds and bodies. Often they can be very beneficial to us.”

“How can your bodies adjust at such microscopic levels?”

[The old man chuckles.] “That is a naïve question, my son. As long as there have been bodies, there have been continuous adjustments at these levels. As an example, even before the transition, when many people and animals succumbed to deadly viruses, there were always those who survived. Wouldn’t you say that their bodies were adjusting to the environmental changes? Your species also possessed the so-called placebo effect. This was nothing more than instinctual realignment with the Life force.”

[You add,] As I was saying, our bodies respond much more directly and consciously to these reminders and signals because they are merged with our appreciative function. The body and the awareness are one.

“Are there any diseases or imbalances, that cannot be cured?”

[The old one says,] “There is no imbalance that cannot be balanced by Source. Source is the central generator of Life force, of all expression and experience. It is the architect of all forms in duality, and therefore, the creator and essence of balance. All forms of alignment ultimately point to Source.

“So, you’re telling me that all human illnesses are the result of an alignment problem? Following this theory, it’s no wonder that human disease is so rampant: The average human knows next to nothing about alignment with Source or Life force.”

[You look sympathetic.] I understand, of course, that this was true for humans. You did not possess such sensitivity. That situation is nearly unimaginable to us. You did have meditation, prayer and positive thinking, which helped. Unfortunately, it was often not enough to correct very serious illnesses.

“I can’t escape the feeling that it’s our fault somehow when we get sick, like we did something wrong to be out of alignment.”

You had, in fact, created your illnesses and misalignment, but there is no fault or blame in your predicament. You had not developed the power of awareness we have. You did not know the truth lying right inside yourselves. But you did have access to Source if you chose it. The suggestions I gave you earlier are all directed toward assisting in this: Notice; release resistance; be authentic.

Copyright © 2010 by Robert Lee Potter


  1. Just started to read the book. It’s starting to resonate. I especially like the suggestion that we pay particular attention to the space between our thoughts.
    This rings a bell. So far, so good.


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