Conscious Life Expo – Epilogue

Well the Conscious Life Expo has come to a close and we spent Friday and Saturday enjoying the sites. There were 3 notable experiences at the event. The first was our visit to the Hispanic section of the fair. This  section was dedicated solely to the Hispanic community. It was down and around a long hallway, totally separate from the main area. As soon as we entered the space we noticed an overwhelming calm and love abounding. There was a feeling of heart consciousness here that was sorely lacking in the main exhibit area. The Hispanic shamans and healers enter deep into the consciousness of true bhakti, love and devotion to the one source.

That evening we had tickets for Ram Dass‘ talk, televised live from his home on Maui. Before the talk we were treated to an hour of Kirtan performed by Govindas and Radha.  Talk about getting blissed  out. Wow! By the time Ram Dass came on we were playing among the gods.

Listening to Ram Dass sets you straight. He suffered from a stroke about 4 years ago and is just now regaining power back to his body and mind. “Fierce Grace,” the movie, made after his stroke, is one of the most compelling  stories about coming to terms with ego.

On Saturday we attended a talk with Don Miguel Ruiz, the Nagual Shaman who wrote “The Four Agreements.” Along with his sons Don Jose and Don Miguel Jr. they brought a powerful gift to the audience. A gift of knowing and understanding, a gift of peace and tranquility and a gift of love and oneness. These three men show the love consciousness we all strive to achieve. Bless their teachings and their souls quest. At the end of the event I was treated to a loving embrace by Don Jose.

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