…more… Letter Twenty-Four “Homo Angelicus”

“…Fantastic. I’m beginning to like the idea of this. Angelicus is our role model’s role model. It’s kind of like the notion of God’s God. Can you tell us any more about them? Do you ever communicate with them? What do you know of their culture and ways of being?”

[Our host replies,] “It is in fact our destiny to know them increasingly well. My sense of this project has always been that it will be a forerunner for enhanced communion with them. In stabilizing the relationship between vigilans and humans, we are poised to triangulate more precisely and powerfully with the angelans.

[You reach forward and touch the old man’s hands, gazing into his eyes.] I am in awe of what you’re saying. I had no idea we were generating such a vast program as this. I had intuitions about the good of linking humans and vigilans. But not homo angelicus. We are all linked? This is amazing. So, how do they view us?

“Their consciousness is a quantum clarity beyond ours. Their mode of awareness is to our sense of appreciation, as appreciation is to mentality. I’ll call it realization, but in truth, we do not yet have words to describe the functionality of their perception.”

How can you know this?

“This is what occupies all of our studies on the inner planes, within the Threshold. Some of our most intrepid explorers have actually transposed themselves into angelan forms and dimensions for brief times.”

“What have they discovered? Are we talking about time travel or what?”

“It is dimensional shifting rather than time-shifting in this case. Homo angelicus does not use time in the ways we do.”

“Hah! Easy for you to say!” [We all laugh.]

“Time has been a study of mine for 213 years, as I told you. Now I’m finding out that it was only an introductory classroom. Our real destiny is understanding how to reach into the angelan territory. They occupy multiple dimensions within the Threshold. These localities are so subtle that we missed them entirely for centuries. To enter the angelan dimensions requires a totally new technology and sensory presence. It is a field of study that is only just being invented in my time.

“Fortunately, the angelans are building the same technology. They desire to link with us as much as we with them. The work is proceeding apace here. But, alas, I am an old man. I have come to the place where I must let younger hearts and minds take over this work. It is for that reason that I am approaching my own passage.”

But wait. How will that effect our project and our linkage as shared souls, if you leave the body?

“I have left the body a long time ago. You met that body in the forest upon your arrival. My appearance in it recently was only to greet you. I have not inhabited that body for decades, except for routine maintenance visits.”

“That’s why it was difficult for you to speak.”

“Precisely. My passage from this incarnation is a matter of leaving the mind and sensory apparatus behind. I sense it will not change the project in any detrimental way. In fact, I’m sure it is part of the program; the project will be enhanced by it. I suspect this will enable us all to go to the next level, whatever that is.”

You don’t know what that level is?

“Not in detail, not more than that we are building a bridge to homo angelicus. Our time transposing project will be expanding into transposing dimensions.”

[I ask.] “How will your death be any different from where you are now, in this ethereal inner world?”

“I’m sure you understand there are infinite levels of existence. The soul has its own locale, where it abides in a spirit-bridging atmosphere, very different from this one. I will retreat there, as we all do when we give up the physical plane, and refresh my creative impulses. There I will prepare for another physical form. That new form and the retreat into soul space will propel our work into new revelations; it will infuse greater measures of inspiration and vision into the three of us. Our inner connection will become clearer.”

“I still don’t get it. How can we three, different people be one and the same soul? I mean, here we are talking and looking at each other, as quite distinct entities. How does this work?”

“When the soul matrix sends its projections into incarnation, it chooses specific times. The choice is never random, but is based on the soul’s immediate destiny. It typically chooses a form in a selected time and creates a physical life. Then it progresses through the destiny of that manifestation, from birth to death. What we each represent in our individual characters, is one of the manifested forms of our soul-matrix.

“Under normal circumstances one form never meets any of the other forms a soul has generated, because of the temporal structure. But in this project, we have transposed our forms and times upon one another. We have traveled across the ages and produced a communion on the physical plane. This has been done in the interest of connecting our respective physical species for the greater good. The distinction we observe amongst ourselves is simply a function of the way manifestation works and the way individuality plays out in forms.”

[I want to question the premise further.] “If we three are actually one soul, why don’t I feel it? Why doesn’t it seem to be living in me … here… now…?”

[Suddenly, I am feeling it. I’m drawn down into the Void in a split moment, crashing through the Threshold, into peace and stillness. The contradictions in my mind are left far, far behind. I find myself in the realm of the soul! It is so natural to be here. I can instantly see dozens of incarnations that my soul is simultaneously manifesting into forms in various ages of time. I do feel it.]

[Powerful emotions sweep over me. I sense a world I had forgotten existed down here. It makes me want to stay and stay forever here. Then, just as suddenly as I entered, I am returned to the outer world. My mind is reeling. At the same time it is very clear.]

“Excuse me, friends.” [I’m panting.] I just… I do get it now!”

We can see that. [The two of you are smiling quietly.] We can feel it too. It is remarkable, how you’re coming along—how we three are coming along.

[You turn again to our host.] Have you known this from the start? Have you known that we three would meet in this way?

“Well, when was the start? [the old one muses.] I can no longer distinguish that in my mind. All I really know is that we are here now. We always have been, again and again.” [He winks.]

“No, wait. Oh no. I’m back in my mind—and my ego.” [I’m confused and doubtful again. I shake my head.] “Just a moment ago I saw it all so clearly. It doesn’t make any sense suddenly. How can we always have been here?”

[Old Man replies,] “Time, and the separation of things in time, is simply a tool for expression of the soul. In reality there are no separated times or events, or even dimensions. All motion, all existence is simultaneous. As one human scientist said long ago, time is the universe’s way of keeping everything from happening at once…”

Copyright © 2010 by Robert Lee Potter


  1. This has been a helpful writing. I have wondered about time a good part of my 75 years. I find that time seems to be slowing down for me these days. This day has seemed unusually long with deep dimensions. In our Interfaith Fellowship meeting this afternoon I had asked three residents to talk about their journey in faith and ethics. It was with awe that we sat to listen to their personal stories into deeper humanity. I really find I connect with the last line of the writing above: “time is the universe’s way of keeping everything from happening at once.” I am grateful for the moments of peace that come more frequently. Such time is timeless.


    1. Jean,
      It is truly wonderful how aligned with this writing you have become. The information strikes a chord in the simplest of ways. It resonates so deeply, in its simplicity, that you can’t help but feel the sensation of truth. As you get older and rely more on inner feeling than on ego-mind you will appreciate the many things your soul has been trying to pass on to you all your life. And now with this new found enlightenment you can truly feel a freedom that you have never felt before.


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