Believing in Conscious Evolution

As I was watching the Health Care Debate today I began to think about the authenticity of those in that room and their motives within the debate. Our elected officials.  How far have we evolved from the days of the backroom deals and the good-ole-boys club? In listening to the back and forth you would think these people are living in another time and on another planet. There is no cohesive dialogue centering around this debate because there is no sense of oneness in humankind right now. We have been sorely struck down by ego and unable to transcend the ME factor that rules our species. The one element that has tried to defuse this constant self centered gnawing is love and yet we have not been able to experience love from a divine nature. Our love emanates from the emotional center of our being. That center sits just above the 2nd chakra which drives our reproductive energies. The emotional center draws power from the 2nd chakra and from the root chakra which is our connection with survival. These lower energy centers control the way we see and feel love in our life.

In a more divine nature we could bring the essence of love down through the crown chakra into our heart center. Here it would permeate our bodies with the purest of love, unconditional love,  emanating directly from the Source. Now what would be better than that. A sense of oneness with all humankind. A sense of sharing with all humankind. A sense of divine devotion to the beings we are, the beings evolved through Source.

And yet in this room filled with our elected officials, the officials we gave the power to make our lives more fulfilling, we see nothing of that. We do not see the onenesss that could change our lives for the better. We do not see the love that could spread beyond the doors of Congress into the streets of everyman. Is power that great that it knows no love for our brothers and sisters? Is greed that great that it knows no oneness beyond the one self centered? Is money truly the god that we pay homage to? Sadly it’s true. In our complacency we deny our very rights.

It is with this in mind that I once again post a portion of “Conscious Evolution.” If we can’t make the transformation in ourselves then Source will make it for us and it is happening now. There are those on this planet who have heard the clarion call. They have resonated with the message of the Absolute and are undergoing a cellular change. There is promise for our future selves and it is about time. What was once a beautiful expression of creation has become a darkened  field and weakened  form. Here is the future possibility:

…What is this Conscious Evolution up to? Does it meddle in our individual lives? Does it actually think and plan out events?”

Not in the way that a mind would work, to solve problems or scheme about the future. No. Its ways—the ways of manas—are much more advanced than any of us can hope to understand. After all, it’s been evolving its form of intelligence since the birth of the Cosmos. Any Earthly mind is too limited to comprehend the scope of such a vast and delicate process. In grand evolution, the intelligence is built into the substance of creation itself. This is what many have called God, without knowing the half of it.

During the Great Storm that lies in the dark gulf between you and me, destiny rose up rampant. Conscious Evolution offered up a great event that shook the foundations of our world. The ruling species—humanity—had to be replaced. The pressure from within evolution moved mutation forward. Survival was the need at hand. As Darwin saw, the survival instinct was always Life’s most active tool of progression.

“Is there a grand plan behind all this then?”

Conscious Evolution does not think or plan or design. It does not use intellect, except through very localized phenomena, such as our own minds. Rather, it works organically, within the intelligent essence of Life, giving impetus to creation. While it is impersonal, it is also profoundly intimate.

This is not satisfying to the mind that wants to have targeted, personalized outcomes. The intellect seeks guidance from without, not from within. It tends to look outside itself for support, reinforcement and again, defense. Nature is pragmatic and direct. It always looks within to Source. It needs no plans to achieve its destiny.

“What do you mean by destiny? Doesn’t that imply a goal in the future—a plan?”

Destiny lies only in the immediate moment. It is the beginning and the end of all things, and everything in between. It is the essence of authenticity and the truth of our being. Destiny is what guides us through life and provides the resonance to know who we are, why we’re here. To act in accordance with destiny is to be God in action.

“That’s a powerful statement. But is there anything we can do to change our destiny if we need to? Can humanity change itself somehow? What influence, if any, do we individuals or species have in this process?”

In the stream of evolution proper, we contribute experiences during our lifetimes, nothing more. The nature of Conscious Evolution is not democratic. There is no deliberative process. There is only the intermingling of data, impressions and consequences from endless universal experiences. From that, change—evolution—then arises directly out of the collective essence.

As I have said, some would call Conscious Evolution, God. It moves according to its own being. The intelligence that functions within it, is actually much closer to what you know as instinct than it is intellect. At the same time, it is super-conscious. It is intimately aware of all things at all times—and beyond time—simply because it is exactly all those things. This includes every form of consciousness and every form of creation there is. It is also directly linked to the formlessness behind all forms, the Source.

The entity of Conscious Evolution entails all the highest principles that have evolved thus far anywhere in the Cosmos. Humans, looking at this so-called being at different times in their history, have labeled it many things, depending on their state of awareness. Humanity created whatever God it could imagine at any given epoch; you created God with your own label, in your own image.

“Why could that God decide to un-create the human species then—as you’re saying Conscious Evolution did?”

The God you are referring to never existed, except in the minds of men. That God was merely the latest projection, a mental attempt to apprehend the unknown. The deep essence—the formless Source of creation—took little notice of these ideas of God. They were purely subordinate, passing forms within the greater creation. Evolution moved on at its own pace, taking it all in stride.

In your time, serious mutations began to appear quietly to challenge the status quo. These had a new and conscious force behind them, however, rising up from the deepest wells of Cosmic being. Something very powerful was stirring. Many mutated forms, unheralded, came and went in a very short time period. Some of these genetic alterations were even more aggressive and ego-dominant than normal humans, believe it or not.

They flourished during the time when ‘all hell’ was breaking loose on Earth—the Great Storm. They went on the rampage within the human world at all levels. They captured control of governments and other organizations. They dominated decaying urban centers, in terror cells in remote regions, within religious movements and political parties. They swayed the masses from one side to the other and back again. The mounting turmoil built up and up. And the Storm rose to full fury.

At the same time, other mutations were occurring rapidly as well. Some of these possessed diminished egos, or none at all. However, most of these failed miserably because they had few resources. Even if these mutations had succeeded somehow, they would have left a species with little drive to excel. But the aggressive mutations also eventually failed because they were not species-sustaining. They fell under their own weight and self-destructive nature. The one thing an ego cannot defend against is itself! Not until an adaptation arrived offering both strength and ego-freedom, did the hope for survival come. This genome shift, on the other hand, was so radical that it could no longer be classified as homo sapiens.

Finally, evolution had found a new form of sentient being—one that would not seek to survive at the expense of its own species. That adaptation lay in the appreciative mind. This entails an intellect melded with instinctual and intuitive sensitivities, innately aware of the intelligent fabric of the Cosmos, oriented toward Source as self.

“Did humanity ever have any choice in the matter? Might we have taken a different path?”

The choice for homo sapiens was to adapt or die. Humans liked to think the future was ultimately going to be under their control, that they would be able to choose their means of survival. Even ‘enlightened’ humans tended to believe that if people would choose to reform themselves they could be saved. In reality choice had little to do with it. While planners and prophets of your time were anguishing, and doing their utmost to save the species, silent evolution was taking its course. The tipping point was reached. Something had to give. Something had to die.

Evolution does not ever happen without death. Death is an essential instrument in the unfolding of Life. Out of it, new forms are conceived. These forms emerge, develop for a time, flourish, and then vanish away. In the world of duality, birth can only exist as long as death is guaranteed. For example, only when the first single-celled creatures of our Earth finally learned how to die did physical evolution actually begin.

Without death there would be no physical form as we know it, no human beings, no animals or plants, no Earth or universe. Death is difficult to face for the finite mind and ego. It threatens identity and the continuity of self. From the personal perspective, it seems to deny us everything we hold dear. It is the Grim Reaper. Yet from a deeper awareness, it is the Great Redeemer. When it closes in upon us, we open up to true being; when death descends, we rise up in consciousness. All creations rise on the shoulders of Death…

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