Letter Twenty-One “Exploration”

And now let’s explore Appreciation.

“You used the words ‘exploring appreciation’? What do you mean by that? Is it just an expression? What could there be to explore?”

Appreciation is a vast, living, spacious presence. It is certainly not just a quality of the mind or emotion. When we feel it, we identify with it; we enter its being. We superimpose our beings onto its being. But this is only the beginning. There is much more; in fact there are infinite degrees of appreciation. There is no end to how deeply we can follow it within. Most vigilans do not go to extraordinary lengths, however. We leave this task to the Source-gazers.

Let me also discuss for a moment, the role of the mind in appreciation. The mind can participate in it quite usefully, leading us to the edge of the threshold. But it cannot ever cross over; nor can it govern the process. The mind will never understand what appreciation truly is. Mind is more like a conduit and recorder of the findings, just as the brain, nervous system and the five senses are. These are not anything more than mechanical devices, instruments. It is the soul that drives the process. Thus, appreciation is a meditation on core essence. Its empowerment comes directly from Source itself.

I use the word ‘explore’ because it connotes discovery and engagement. The Latin origin of the word is ex plus plorare. It means ‘to cry out’. Eureka! It can, therefore, be a delightful, impassioned experience. Here are just a few of the levels of appreciation we continue to explore: gratitude, wonder, awe, insight, inspiration, compassion, reverence, adoration, bliss, and surrender. There are many others I could list, some with words that do no yet exist in your vocabulary. Nothing is more exciting to us than to discover new depths and features of appreciative realization. It is an ongoing process of discovery.

“If it’s so exciting, why do you leave it just to the star-gazers?”

[Chuckle.] To go so deeply requires training, talent and dedicated time. Our entire species has the appreciative faculty, for sure, but not all can be Source-gazers. Also, these priest-scientists use collective energy to empower their focus. The work demands that a much larger group be available to channel their forces through the specialized explorers. They reciprocate by bringing their findings back for all to enjoy and ponder.

“Where does it lead?”

Only to the very frontiers of our being! It generates new and wonderful experiences of joy, knowledge and participation with the Cosmos. The Source-gazers report back continuously. We are also internally aware of their progress. This results in endless dialogues and congresses and participatory revelations for everyone. It is truly one of our major pastimes. Many of our favorite scenari have been created around this.

“Please give me an example of something they’ve found recently.”

Here is one example: We have recently found that there is a dimensional quality, like an aura or corona, around the dimensionless space of the Source that both radiates out and sucks energy in. You recently encountered it as the threshold to the Void. This corona provides nourishment to our planes of existence. It also works in the opposite direction, subtracting waning and obsolete forms that need to be recycled. The used-up psychic projections and patterns of creation, such as the ego, are sucked back in and dissolved into the Void.

We have come to realize that our awareness and existence spring forth out of this vital, breathing threshold. We just never knew how perpetually interactive it is. Monitoring all the dynamics at this level is now fundamental to the management of our civilization. The coronal threshold is the essential edge of change and creation within the entire Cosmos, as well as within our daily lives.

“I must confess that I’m finding this fascinating. I’ve never heard of such a thing before, much less contemplated it. Yet it seems quite natural for me to accept. This is starting to feel like an aptitude for me, as you pointed out. I don’t know where it will lead, but I’ll stay open.”

Understood. Let that intuition germinate in you. Always be ready to explore such notions when the time is right. Let the instinctual impulse draw you out. If you maintain readiness, without impatience, you will know the right time, and the right action for that time…

Copyright © 2010 by Robert Lee Potter

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  1. These words: It is the soul that drives the process. Thus, appreciation is a meditation on core essence. Its empowerment comes directly from Source itself- helps me to find joy in taking time for meditative moments. I call them “moments of peace” or mop moments.


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