…more Letter Twenty-One “Exploration”

“I want to go back to something that’s been bothering me. If vestigial egos still exist in your species, what’s to say they won’t make a resurgence someday. They might sneak back and overpower you in your sleep or something. Or how do you know that Conscious Evolution won’t just decide that it’s not quite finished with the great ego experiment? What guards you against that?”

I will answer your question in a way that may sound strange. I am coming to feel that you, and the connection we have established, are bringing a new awareness to my species. Reaching back to humanity is a kind of rear guard, if you will. While vigilans feel no need for defensiveness, we do need to understand the parameters of incarnation. Ever since the Great Storm and Transmutation, we have generally not looked back; nor have we looked into the future. Suddenly we have the opportunity to engage intimately with the past. What this means is that Conscious Evolution is up to something —something more than mere experimentation.

“Wait. Didn’t you tell me, right at the start, that you were not interested in learning anything from us?”

That’s not exactly what I said. But in any case, am I not allowed to change my mind?

“I guess so. Hmm. I keep thinking you’re omniscient.”

I’ve never meant to imply that. I am clearly not so. We are in fact now learning from you in ways none of us anticipated. This is a delight for me and my partners.

Another factor that gives us assurance is our access to Source itself. With that we can sense the trends in evolution, and we would know if a major new direction were emerging. This is the most important role of the Source-gazers. They continuously monitor developments at that level. We have intimate confidence in the compassion of Source to provide just what is needed.

“Say, I have to interrupt here for a moment. You described Conscious Evolution as God once. Is that the same as Source? Isn’t Source really God? Or are there two Gods?”

The truth be told, there are infinite Gods, infinite capacity for the expansion of spirit. There are infinite levels of being. If there is a God above you, as your species conceived, then that God must also have a greater God, wiser and more expansive than it is. We all in turn are gods to the cells in our bodies. The cells are gods to the atoms and molecules within them. This is the basic law of duality—as above, so below. The 82nd Psalm declares, “Ye are gods…children of the most High.” Every living being is a god, in this light. And every god has a God.

“All right. But what I’m asking about is the distinction between Source and Conscious Evolution.”

Of course. Source is the opening into the dimensionless space of oneness. Conscious Evolution is what comes back through that opening into the manifested worlds. Source is the primal energy and formlessness of spirit. Conscious Evolution is the form and flow of spirit. As the Source of oneness approaches and crosses the threshold into duality, it too becomes two, as all forms do, possessing an inner dimension and an outer, a beginning and an end. Hence, for our world, God is both absolute and manifested, Source and Conscious Evolution.

“Thanks. That helps.

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