Barbara Marx Hubbard and Conscious Evolution

It is always wonderful to find people who are resonating in the same information pool, especially when the topic is so new. This was the case yesterday when we attended a full day seminar and retreat with Barbara Marx Hubbard and Alice MacDonald at the La Casa de Maria, in Montecito, CA, nestled just below Santa Barbara. The seminar was called “The Sacred Story of Creation” and the information embedded in this topic was the journey of Conscious Evolution and it’s impact on our conscious awareness of being and our striving toward oneness through unconditional love. It would be too lengthy to describe the day’s events so I am giving you a link to Barbara’s websites so you can do your own investigation into this wonderful process. Foundation for Conscious Evolution and Evolve

With so many *’pioneering’ souls inhabiting the globe at this time, there is a new paradigm waiting to be discovered. It is not so much a conscious thing in our minds yet, but it resides quietly inside our human essence and manifests the possibilities through our genetic makeup. We are on the verge of the greatest transmutation ever to take place on this world. Something so transcendent that we cannot imagine the impact it will have on future society. But imagine we must because it is through our imaginings that this emanation from Source, this Conscious Evolution is taking place.

The most remarkable thing I came away with is the process of entering into each other from the highest and the deepest realms of consciousness. Although we were all strangers at our arrival, by the end of the day we had entered into a quiet oneness that needed no affirmation. In this beautiful state of Knowing we became a new creative field of the Source’s manifestation here on earth.

Thank you Barbara Marx Hubbard and Alice MacDonald for your dedication to this new science revealing itself in leaps and bounds.

*Pioneering Souls – a term used to describe those already in tune with our future selves.


  1. Dear Stefan,
    Just read your comments on Wednesday’s retreat…. it is so wonderful that we can connect to our true source….and BLOOM!!!! Vibrating at such a high level feels so divine!!! That if everyone on this earth experienced that day…the Light……we would no longer have war or anything else like that….Eternal Blessings….Suemary Long


  2. Stefan,

    This is indeed good news. I love their definition of “pioneering souls”. And I love your new addition of Good News to the website. Keep up the good work.

    Your friend,


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