The Good News Segment

Do you ever think about  how brainwashed we are with the constant din of bad news regurgitating out of media broadcasts and print. We seem so fascinated by it that when a good news story comes along we just seem to become disinterested. Well, I thought I would change that pattern a bit and offer some uplifting stories  from time to time, that generate a sense of well being and show the power of the human spirit. Thankfully we have public radio that is dedicated to answering the voice of the people and raising our consciousness level with stories of music and art and love and life.

So to start with, here is a story from NPR, aired yesterday on “Morning Edition.” It is about folk artist Patty Larkin. It just might make your day a little bit better.

Patty Larkin has been called a “contemplative songwriter” and a “whoop-ass guitarist.” She also has a reputation for being “a musician’s musician.” Her new CD is titled 25, a reference to the number of fellow singer-songwriters who appear on it, as well as the number of years since her very first recording.

For these duets, Larkin and her guests collaborated a little differently. Instead of working together in a studio, Larkin recorded her voice and guitar tracks for each song on her own and then sent them to the different musicians. Then she told them that “they could do whatever they wanted.”

To hear the full broadcast and some great music Click Here.

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