The Art of Listening

One  element, so crucial in human development and missing in modern day living, is the ability to listen and cognitively approach the thoughts of others as a learning tool. In our present world, built on branding, spin and sound bites, we have lost touch with thoughtful analysis and broad mental curiosity. Of course there are exceptions, such as field researchers and scientists, including mathematicians, but for the rest of us we seem to have evolved into close minded, gut reactionaries. From the lofty halls of Government to the kitchens of middle America, we have entered into a state of brain fog and have lost that acuity of mind so pertinent in problem solving and life advancement.

I would like to turn you on to the most recent Bill Moyers program and his interview with John Sexton, president of New York University. In this interview we find a moment of brilliance as Mr. Sexton tries to make us think outside the box.

So, if you have the time, click here to view the interview: Bill Moyers Journal and John Sexton It will give you something to think about.

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