Letter Fifteen “Governance”

Now that we have ended the first stage of ego’s individuated struggle for control of Health Care we can sit back for a brief moment as the second wave strengthens for battle. Now that we have seen the process up close we can no longer buy in to the belief of “our leaders, best and brightest.” We have seen ignorance rear it’s ugly face in the streets, with demonstrators from both sides engaged in a new level of civil war. Our society has learned nothing from the difficult times of our past. It seems every new moment of change for the betterment of human life is accompanied by the strangling beast that is ego. Among other things, ego robs us of the one element of humanness’ that is the most important for sharing the expression of oneness  – Compassion. In this one word lies the ability to change the entire structure of relationship on this world. With Compassion comes understanding and with understanding comes giving. Through this giving we can become one with our fellow travelers. We can bring our generosity to the table instead of ignoring it.

And so the Health Care debate continues to the next stage. We can help our elected body by offering generosity into the universal vibration. Allowing tears of wisdom to flow into the minds of others is our Soul’s request. It is not only Health Care that is at stake, it is the Caring Human.

How has government changed in 500 years? You said there are nations and congresses, commissions and plebiscites. What other institutions do you have? How does it work? Oh yes, and I’m curious to hear what you would say about the future of my own country. What is the lifetime of the United States on the world stage? Are we still one of the nations?”

Is that all? Not a small topic. But let’s get started. I hasten to add that, while I know this is important to you, it is not so important to me. It is only tangential to my purpose in writing these letters, to tell you this kind of thing. I do not want you to think that I’m telling you what kind of politics you should have. I am not here to tell you what you should do in any area of life. I only offer information and space, along with a few suggestions.

With that caveat, I will commence by saying our forms of governance are oriented toward the small. Our communities are small, our governments are small, and our politics are small. This is to say, local, participatory and representative at every level. And even though we do have various levels of authority, our overarching form is, in a word, anarchy. But it is an awakened anarchy!

We use whatever systems and techniques work for any given situation. By the nature of our consciousness and technology we are able to engage each other across vast distances in great numbers; this is where the need for levels comes in. Even when the numbers are large, our techniques give us the feel of operating in small groups, locally. We are sensitive to the needs of each and all, with individualities that are not separated from others or from Source.

“But you must have basic survival instincts. Wouldn’t they produce conflicts between individual needs? What do you do about those instincts?”

Our survival instincts most assuredly still exist. But it is first and foremost the survival of the species that drives us. This does not negate or trample the integrity of individuals. We see the individual as the conduit of awareness for the greater whole. The survival instinct in us pushes us together, not apart.

It is indeed paradoxical. But we love paradox. Paradox is what enlivens our spirits and enables all our great thinking and innovation. The individual feels rewarded and ennobled by association with the collective, not downtrodden or conflicted. Our individuality feels free and empowered by the whole; thus anarchy.

“But what about life and death situations. Doesn’t an individual’s survival instinct kick in at those times?”

Yes. But what happens then, as it was even in your species, is that a powerful stimulus to awareness arises. What we are able to do is to readily connect with reality in the moment; and we know by virtue of this connection that we are acting entirely within the holistic spirit. There is now only a thin veil between form and formless.

The one who is facing a dire situation, say life or death, knows by the very intensity, that there is a shift of consciousness happening. She or he knows, directly from Source, that whatever happens, there will be survival in the larger sense through this experience. A profound oneness thus surges into consciousness, virtually unbidden—rather like your recent visions. Some human experiences of death and sacrifice parallel this. It is universal for us.

One no longer puts the desire for single self-survival first. If individual survival is not matched with whole-survival, it becomes irrelevant. Instinct rises up. It is simple for us to feel the innate intelligence of the instinctual impulse; we thus make instinct conscious in our minds and hearts. That transforms it into intuitive presence. By this means, we know what is the most appropriate behavior in the moment. We know our place and our destiny. There is no more powerful time for experiencing this presence than in the face of great danger.

“I can see that, but how does it work? How does a person know what he knows?”

What truly governs every creature, including homo sapiens, is the Source of all Life. It does not exert itself in force or control, but rather in centered gravity and deepest logic—atma, buddhi, manas. It has gradually been coming awake over the millennia. When we say that we are awakened, it is really that Source that has awakened in us, not we within it.

In my world, Life and evolution are opening their eyes in a new way, from within the world of their own making. This is our foundation of governance. Of course, Life spirit was the foundation for your species too. The difference is that Life in my species is instinctively aware of its destiny; governance issues forth directly from that.

Copyright © 2010 by Robert Lee Potter

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