Change is Coming Like a Speeding Train

Earthquakes shaking the planet. One, then another, and another, and again another. Purely coincidence or a timely cosmic occurrence? Common man rising up against the elite. Purely a rash of bad behavior or an inner cry for transformation? A President aligning with others for nuclear non-proliferation. Purely an ego’s bold play for a place in history or a wise man’s desire for peace and tranquility? A staunch opponent of progressive ideology pleading for us to listen to the facts instead of the fiction. Purely an insane right winger or a sane thinker who has had enough?

These are the signs of change. A change so deep in our core that we’ve yet to notice. But as the Great Storm plunders all around us the buds of spring are bursting through the soil.

Be still and you can feel it.
Listen and you can hear it.
Open up and you will see it.

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