The Bankers Go Bonkers

The Great Storm mentioned in Letters is a culmination of many ego eccentricities. Most of us believe that man’s favorite pastime, War, would be the ultimate catastrophe that would bring down the human house of cards. In fact our dearest friend has become the biggest enemy, MONEY.

From the latest Bill Moyers Journal. This poignant interview with former financial regulator William K. Black is not to be missed.


  1. What a story! I wonder when was this interview filmed? Now that Moyers Journal is ending, how will we get real, honest news?


    1. Yes Jean, Moyers will be sorely missed. His last show is next week and he is off to a much deserved rest of his life. This broadcast with William K. Black was this Friday. I’m sure it was taped sometime in the past week.

      With Bill Moyers off the air, and a need for good factual reporting, I will be exploring other airwaves of consciousness lifting. Stay tuned.


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