Letter Twenty-Four “Homo Angelicus”

Now it is time to open up the imagination a bit more than we have in previous Letters. It is true that “Letters from 500” asks us to put aside our judgments of time and space and go with the inner knowledge of all that is. If we quiet our mind, just for a brief period, we can enjoy The Knowing that is our birthright. The veil that exists, between what we think is real and what is beyond that state of realness, can be dissolved so as to see beyond, into the all evolving Source.

We have been given the great gift of imagination. This gift allows us to peer into realms beyond belief. We must trust this gift and use it to expand our vision. There is so much more than we believe exists and the door to this world is through our beautiful gift that Source has given us.

With this said, over the next week I am posting segments from Homo Angelicus. So open in, smile and enjoy the read.


[We sit quietly beside the splashing waters, soaking in the peaceful sounds and sunlight. Old Man and I are sitting, while you are standing, slowly pacing the edge of the pool.]

“All right. Enough of this!” [I start.] “Transparency of time, and times, and oneness are just fine, I’m sure. But my head is spinning. And I’m in the dark about some very simple things. For instance, where exactly are we? When we arrived in this time, we came down into a deep forest in the Sahara Desert, of all places. But then, in some kind of meditative state, we followed you here to this temple city and garden. Which place is real? What is your world really like? What are your people really like?”

“I understand your confusion. But it is truly not important for you to understand too much of this future. That would be outside the scope of our project. It would only serve to distract you from our mission. I will explain some basics though; that is all.”

“OK. Some basics then!”

“We live almost entirely in inwardly projected forms here. The outer physical world is left in a primal, natural state. We maintain physical bodies in order to be grounded in incarnation. But we have found ourselves increasingly drawn into the etheric world—within our individual and collective consciousness. You might call it a dream world. But it is much more than that.

“We had always known that the manifested physical plane is illusory and constantly changing. While being the most concrete and rigid, it is also the most transitory level of all, believe it or not. Contrary to what the mind believes, the denser the form, the farther it is from reality. Once we fully appreciated this, it became clear that our destiny lay in moving into the less dense stratum of incarnation—the etheric plane. Our decision and ability to bring this about was linked to a major discovery—the key to the Threshold. I will explain what this means shortly.

“I have in fact been made aware of this Threshold.” [I interject.] I do look forward to hearing more; that is, once I find out a little more about you. What about your physical bodies? Don’t they need exercise, food and care?”

“Yes. We have our ways of maintaining them in healthy condition and, as I described before, without disease or imbalance. In the larger scheme of things, our cultures determined to stop manipulating the physical plane for many reasons, which I will not elaborate here. Suffice it to say that nature within us chose to preserve nature around us in a more pristine state. This condition enables us to evolve in more harmonious ways that are truer to our internal being. Part of the care and maintenance of our physical bodies is this highly cooperative relationship between our inner and outer forms. 500 years ago you were just beginning to discover this type of appreciation.”

Some of our newest dialogues reflect what you’re talking about. I will pay more attention to them now that I know this.

“In the inner-active state, we continuously create our whole world anew, with full awareness of what we’re doing. Our lives are neither entirely physical nor non-physical. We have generated a new intermediary dimension between the two.”

“What’s the value of that?” [I inquire.] “Why bother incarnating at all, if you’re just going to get out of your bodies again?”

“The simplest answer is that Conscious Evolution is moving us in this direction. It is creating another of its many portals between inner and outer space in this particular way, using our whole civilization. It is continuing to explore the thresholds of its own existence. This is, of course, what the Source-gazers were beginning to see in your time. It is not the Void, however, that occupies our attention. Rather, it is the Threshold. That is where we have carved out our destiny.”

Copyright © 2010 by Robert Lee Potter

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  1. One of the best letters yet! Thanks. And very appropriate too, given the current state of things in the world.


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