…more from Letter Twenty-Four “Homo Angelicus”

If you resonated with the last post on Homo Angelicus this next segment will open your mind to a new sense of being and give you a greater perspective on what is to come. Remember your imagination is the key to exploration and your connection to the greater Source of all that is.


“This is making me wonder about where you hope to go from here. We talked recently about a species some have called homo angelicus. Do you know of them? Do they really exist? Are you them?”

“Indeed, they do exist. But we are not they. Curious that you should ask, though. They do play a very important role in the evolution of both our species. Homo angelicus is one of our grand destinies. It draws all creatures collectively forward in time and evolution. They are the force that drew homo evigilatus out of homo sapiens. And this is another example of the triangulation I’ve been telling you about—that is, manifestation following threes. It is the same archetypal phenomenon we use to reposition our time frames.”

“I’m not following.” [I turn to you. You’re sitting silently in contemplation.] “Are you getting this, O?”

Yes. As he speaks, I can resonate more with the revelation. Our soul needed to triangulate three positions in order to bring about this current project. The same kind of triangulation is apparently happening, on a much larger scale, between our three species. Sapiens to evigilatus to angelicus.

[Old Man continues,] “To manifest the destiny of the one-in-three of us, the conscious linkage among these three must be realized, ‘bridged’, to use your term. All through the Cosmos and across myriad dimensions and universes, there are life-forms and cultures, all pursuing their independent realities. Yet at the core, they are all united within Source. More than that, they are integrated energetically in manifestation, as a great interstellar family and network. All forms are interactive and related, ultimately; not just in the formless. Each one has an effect on every other. But some have unique connections, with profoundly intimate and creative effects.

Homo angelicus is one such form for us. They exert major influence on our evolutionary path. They have always been a step ahead, just out of reach. It seems like they always will be. They are evolving as we are, and accelerating away, paradoxically. When we approach where they have been, we find that they have moved on, into yet deeper, subtler realms of the Threshold. We find ourselves becoming what they once were—but always a step behind. They are our role model as a species—as we are your role model, dear humans!”

“Fantastic. I’m beginning to like the idea of this. Angelicus is our role model’s role model. It’s kind of like the notion of God’s God. Can you tell us any more about them? Do you ever communicate with them? What do you know of their culture and ways of being?”

[Our host replies,] “It is in fact our destiny to know them increasingly well. My sense of this project has always been that it will be a forerunner for enhanced communion with them. In stabilizing the relationship between vigilans and humans, we are poised to triangulate more precisely and powerfully with the angelans.

[You reach forward and touch the old man’s hands, gazing into his eyes.] I am in awe of what you’re saying. I had no idea we were generating such a vast program as this. I had intuitions about the good of linking humans and vigilans. But not homo angelicus. We are all linked? This is amazing. So, how do they view us?

“Their consciousness is a quantum clarity beyond ours. Their mode of awareness is to our sense of appreciation, as appreciation is to mentality. I’ll call it realization, but in truth, we do not yet have words to describe the functionality of their perception.”

How can you know this?

“This is what occupies all of our studies on the inner planes, within the Threshold. Some of our most intrepid explorers have actually transposed themselves into angelan forms and dimensions for brief times.”

“What have they discovered? Are we talking about time travel or what?”

“It is dimensional shifting rather than time-shifting in this case. Homo angelicus does not use time in the ways we do.”

“Hah! Easy for you to say!” [We all laugh.]

“Time has been a study of mine for 213 years, as I told you. Now I’m finding out that it was only an introductory classroom. Our real destiny is understanding how to reach into the angelan territory. They occupy multiple dimensions within the Threshold. These localities are so subtle that we missed them entirely for centuries. To enter the angelan dimensions requires a totally new technology and sensory presence. It is a field of study that is only just being invented in my time.

“Fortunately, the angelans are building the same technology. They desire to link with us as much as we with them. The work is proceeding apace here. But, alas, I am an old man. I have come to the place where I must let younger hearts and minds take over this work. It is for that reason that I am approaching my own passage.”

But wait. How will that effect our project and our linkage as shared souls, if you leave the body?

“I have left the body a long time ago. You met that body in the forest upon your arrival. My appearance in it recently was only to greet you. I have not inhabited that body for decades, except for routine maintenance visits.”

“That’s why it was difficult for you to speak.”

“Precisely. My passage from this incarnation is a matter of leaving the mind and sensory apparatus behind. I sense it will not change the project in any detrimental way. In fact, I’m sure it is part of the program; the project will be enhanced by it. I suspect this will enable us all to go to the next level, whatever that is.”

You don’t know what that level is?

“Not in detail, not more than that we are building a bridge to homo angelicus. Our time transposing project will be expanding into transposing dimensions.”

Copyright © 2010 by Robert Lee Potter

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