The East Calls… and more from Letter Twenty-Four “Homo Angelicus”

It has been a week or so since we have journeyed back to the East. East Coast that is. Leaving the beautiful Pacific charm and the ‘heart’ vibration that emanates from the west was a difficult move. There is a peace moving in from the Pacific ocean that plays with your heart strings and makes the body a relaxed vessel; able to receive the energy soaring up from the earth and down from the sky. It’s a magical thing,

But the East has an energy that vibrates power. A power that motivates the visionary. A power that plays with the swirls of consciousness and projects that dynamics into the breath of humanity. It is here that the message must come. It is here that consciousness will be changed. So now let us continue with Letter Twenty-Four “Homo Angelicus.”


Is there any more you can tell us about homo angelicus?

“Yes. There is something else, something very important. Homo angelicus is collectively what humans used to refer to as God. That entire species, taken as one being, is the full measure of what all human religions could imagine and believe as divinity and deity. This accounts for the multitude and variety of religions in human times, by the way. God was actually a multifaceted phenomenon, represented to you by a full species in camouflage. This deity-species is composed of myriad individual forms, each of which is revealing one face of God to you at a time. The major religions were sometimes composed of numerous angelan beings.”

“Amazing! And we thought they were just subordinates to deity.”

“Quite. A similar effect also applies to vigilan spiritual experience. We have a direct connection with Source. Yet, it is channeled through the collective agency of angelicus. This is actually a collective, living being; we know it as appreciation itself. The true significance of this was not understood for several centuries after your time. Even when the Source-gazers began to study the Threshold, they were not fully unaware of the situation. While we knew the legends and stories of this species, unfoldment of our understanding required many more decades of exploration. And it is still ongoing.

“Now from my personal experience with our project, I can look upon all these centuries as concentric rings that converge upon the Threshold and the Source, interlinked in the most elegant and sophisticated ways. I can view our shared destiny as a single point. What I see now is that we—vigilans and humans—have always been drawn toward Source, by Source itself. But not exactly the way we thought.”

[I have regained my equilibrium.] “I’m already sensing —appreciating—what you’re getting at, I think.”

“Are you, then? Well, here it is: Angelicus is the messenger of the gods, of God. It has always been our avenue inward. We actually have no other way to approach Source than through the angelans attracting us there. They have always been largely invisible in this function, as angels often are. But they were always with us; they literally embodied the path itself; they embodied appreciation. Humans and vigilans alike have always known of angels. We even have personal ones, so-called guardian angels and spirit guides. Little did we know the broad scope of their role. They are the very channel of existence for our Conscious Evolution.

“During the reign of humans this phenomenon was interpreted through ego-minds. Human religions concluded that their own separate approaches—their own angelans—were the only way to God. But in reality, they were only seeing a slice of divinity—through the particular channel they were relating to. They did not realize that every pathway into Source is a valid one, and that each derives its life force from that same Source. Every appreciative pathway represents an angelan configuration, standing in service to any who approach. Thus, all religions possessed true validity.”

[You interrupt.] Back to messengers for a moment: The planet Mercury, named for the Greek messenger god, is the closest to the Sun, a kind of solar threshold. It seems to be an analogy in the physical solar system for what you’re saying.

“Yes. You might say that. Interesting. The innermost planet is like a gateway to our Solar Logos. Mercury is an unassuming planet, smallest in the system, always facing the sun. It is the closest offspring—the first planet—and also the fastest moving.”

The ancient Greeks looked at it as a trickster god as well, endowed with the quality of metis, or ‘illusive wisdom’. The angelans are very much like this from what you say.

“Yes. I dare say there is a message here for us.” [He nods.]

“You said something earlier about the key to the Threshold. Is this messenger business what you meant by that?”

“You’re using the intuition well, my son. By the ‘key to the Threshold’ I mean the portal into homo angelicus’ realm. They left us the key, to be sure. But it was not easy to find, or even to look for in the first place. Who would have guessed we would need a key?”

“What kind of key was it? What was it like?”

“Their key was carefully disguised as nothing at all, a miraculous mirror of the Void. But it was always sending out its non-signal, its voidal message, if you will, for those who would eventually extend the appreciative faculty far enough to sense it. It took even our best Source-gazers a very long time to uncover this key. Eventually, we discovered that all we needed was to not look for what appears to not be there. Tricky, eh?”

“Hmm. Wouldn’t that double negative? It could just mean ‘look for what is everywhere.’

“In a way, you’re right. But it’s subtler than that. The key was expertly camouflaged. It was disguised from within our own powers of vision and observation. Remember, access to the Void and its Threshold is within us—below the subatomic portals.

“All right. I’m not really following you any more. But never mind me.” [I sigh.]

“Once we found the realm of the angelans, it seemed so simple. And yet when we did, the whole Cosmos changed around us. This is how you were partially correct in surmising we could ‘look for it everywhere’. With the key, we opened ourselves into a space that transcends anything we had ever imagined. We did not find angelicus there, but we found what they had constructed and left behind for us. Their civilization was vast and awe-inspiring. They left behind everything they had discovered in their own long march through evolution. It now has become the means by which we grow and develop to be like them, even to meld with them.”

Our destiny is to merge with them? [You step back in wonder.]

[Old Man follows your eyes with his.] “Indeed. For now, however, we needed to realize that we have actually embodied our own disguise, all along. We could not see the forest for the trees. This is all about following the multi-layered path to realization of oneness; that is, each layer is already within another, and another, all the way back to Source. Each layer is an angelan construct. The way angelicus teaches is through profound riddles. Solving these riddles brings forth more consciousness and draws us into deeper connection with Source.”

Copyright © 2010 by Robert Lee Potter

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  1. Robert
    I am forever grateful that the East has called you back
    so that I could find through your generosity “Letters From 500”.
    As I slowly digest the letters they fill me with awe, insperation and hope. I look forward to recieving the letters in this exceptional book.
    With eternal appreciation,
    Thank you,


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