Letter Twenty-Four “Homo Angelicus” …the final pages

In these final pages to Letter Twenty-Four we find an answer to the question of existence is brought into a new light. We have tried for eons to fathom the purpose of life on earth and the trials we must go through along the way. In our egoic nature we assume many things, yet know no thing. We are brash life forms, with arrogance and pride as our brother and sister. We allow our defensive egos to laud over the simplicity and purity of truth. Wrapped up in our day to day floundering we have no space for our true nature; our inner cry to listen, to sense and and to know. Competing for greatness, in a world that knows nothing greater than ego’s cry for acceptance, is a sad eulogy for our dying species. And we are dying. The ego fed life of humanity is turning the corner of existence and walking into the light of a new consciousness. It’s about time.

ⓒ 2010 CosmicObserver

[I rise up with a realization.] “Wait! You are revealing this information to us. So, the knowledge of the Key to the Threshold will now pre-date its discovery. How will this affect evolution and all?”

“Ah. Now, my son, you are picking up clues to how Conscious Evolution really works. I said that we have done this all before. We’re practicing it all over and over, until we get it right.”

“No! But I don’t get it. I can’t process this.” [I slump back down on the cushions.]

“Don’t worry. There’s no guarantee that the angelans will actually let you remember any of what I’ve told you once you go back to your own time.”

[You stare at him, as puzzled as I am.] I don’t understand. Your society knows that merging with homo angelicus is your destiny, and yet you are not acting on it? Why don’t you simply realize and be done with it—meld Now?

[Old Man beams mischievously.] “Because we don’t want to!”

[We stare back at him with a cool gaze. He continues,] “You see, it is destiny for us to realize, for sure. But it is likewise, our destiny to savor the moment, to let it play out—as long as there is joy in it. We want to appreciate it to the fullest. This requires that we remain under the influence of time. We must use time in order to appreciate timelessness.”

All right. I see. [You’re much quicker at this than I am. You lean forward toward the wizened face.] Appreciation is timeless, only in the moment. Experience, however, is time-bound. Right?

“Yes, but to say it more accurately, everything is in the moment; there is no other place to be. But there are layers. Experience is a layer within time; time is a layer within the moment; and all the layers are functions of appreciation.”

“Oh My! I seem to really be getting this. I’m blown away by what you just said. I see it almost diagrammatically in my head. All the layers of reality and illusion are right there in the diagram. I see where we are in this scheme too, and where the scheme is in us. We are choosing to be in time because of experience. That’s what incarnation is all about. At the same time, we are steadily moving to a place where we will eventually have to give up experience all together! That’s why you don’t want to go straight into full realization right now. Am I right? I can see how you’d want to stay with experiencing. It’s more fun.”

[You put your hands on my arms and squeeze.] I like the fresh ways you see things, human brother. And I like what’s gotten into you lately.

[I feel the meaning behind your words. It’s a depth perception I had not noticed until this moment. I’m staring at your eyes, but beyond them—looking straight into your soul; and my own soul. It’s hard to pull away.]

“Here is the last thing I will tell you about the angelans: As much as this may surprise you, as much as they are powerful tricksters and elusive spirits, they are actually our servants! Their entire civilization is devoted to service—of each other, of all other forms of life, and especially of us! We are the blessed recipients of their limitless and amazing gifts. All that we have been given, by the Source, by Conscious Evolution, by awareness and appreciation, is gifted to us by angelans. Throughout history, we have been given glimpses of their function in our world. We have hailed them as angels and daemons, protectors and wardens, fierce warriors. But we did not know the half of it.

“For centuries, we vigilans, revered homo angelicus. But we thought of them as a totally independent species. This is just the opposite of what they are; angelans are the embodiment of approachability, if we only knew the way, the window, the key. We now know it! The way is service.

“What an awesome model for us all!” [I sigh.]

[You bow, and I follow suit.] I must now look at the diversity of oneness in a whole new light. All the layers of differentiation are measures of how we come together; they are portals for realizing we were never separate. I have known this intuitively, of course. Now I know it as an intimate identity. Thank you, old soul.

“You are most welcome, sister of the matrix. I perceive that our human brother here is close to the same realization.”

[With that he motions us to sit again beside him. He takes your hand in his and places it into mine. Together, our triangle holds the silence for a long time, listening, wondering, allowing.]

Copyright © 2010 by Robert Lee Potter

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