Beyond the Fringe

Last night Chris Matthews, of MSNBC,  aired a report on “The Rise of the New Right.”

It showed a cross-section of emotional driven egos, short on facts and long on ignorance. In many ways it could be compared to the 1968 horror film “Night of the Living Dead.” There is a mob mentality in both cases and a dumbed down, unconscious approach to life. The zombies are recently risen-from-the-dead carnivores, who have nothing better to do than ravage the countryside looking for new blood to consume. The New Right are recently risen-from-the-ranks, confused middle class white Americans, who are ravaging the countryside looking for gratification of their sophomoric emotional pain bodies. They are being led by disgruntled, former would be politicians, whose sole purpose in life is to grab the limelight and spread idiocy throughout the land. When shall we learn…

ⓒ 2010 CosmicObserver

Message from O


Discuss the disconnect between those who have egos and those who don’t. For instance:

“If ego is the major problem on the planet now, and we cannot do anything to get rid of it, what is our true course of action? You have said the change (mutation) must come from within—at the genetic level—and that we cannot make it happen; it must be the soul or Source who does it–when it gets ready. That sort of leaves us just hanging around waiting, while all hell is breaking loose. This doesn’t feel right to me. Surely, there is something we can do!”

May I respond?

“Yes. I didn’t know you were listening. Thanks, O. I would love to hear from you.”

Good. There is, of course, something you can do. It is to be aware, to open your consciousness as wide and as deeply as you can… and then go even deeper and even wider. No limit! Our message to your world is to be aware. Be awakened. There is no way but from within to do this. If you engage this activity, it is Source acting within you, through you. It is your genetic structure acting to transmute itself—in the very action itself.

But, my friends, be aware first—and foremost. The awareness must precede the awakening, as paradoxical as that will sound to you. Awaken in order to be awake.

“Yes. You wrote that in Letters. But I keep coming back to the concerns of so many people today, and New Age teachers. They are saying we need to pull together, to focus our attention on correcting the imbalances in the world, to use our consciousness in better ways to effect change.”

I know. And these leaders mean well. They are still convinced that survival of your species is the most important factor in evolution. I am here is say it is not! That is a species’ conceit, an ego position. It is like an individual saying, ‘I must survive. Therefore, I will change myself.’

“But is that so bad? Shouldn’t we be focusing on changing ourselves—as in mutating into your species?”

Not at all. It is not your mission to create me, or to evolve into me. Your mission derives from your destiny.

“And that is? Please remind me. I know, I should have that on the tip of tongue.”

It is to be the ground out of which grows the new flower for the new Earth, the flower of awakening. Your suffering, struggle, negativity and confusion are driving the changes that will occur. They are the fertilizer and the soil. Your destiny is to prepare the way for the new garden to blossom forth.

“Yikes. That sounds more dismal than you ever said it in the Letters.”

It is not dismal to an awakened, egoless mind. The only thing dismal in the soil is the pollutants your civilization keeps adding to it.

“Wait. I feel we’re getting off track here. Please come back to some kind of advice and reassurance that a human can digest.”

All right. I keep assuming that you are more mature than you have yet become. Thank you for reminding me. This is important for communicating to your compatriots. What you are doing in your time, what your awakening leaders are doing, is setting the stage for release. You are building a platform, a foundation—soil again—for the change that will occur within you all.

“But I want to hear about—to question you about—what would be the best attitude in these times. Should we not be orienting ourselves toward a better world, doing things that can improve our species and our planet—whether we do mutate or not? Shouldn’t we take action on behalf of the future, and not just lay back and allow it to happen within us? This is the crux of my dilemma.

Yes. I see. From my perspective, I see Source acting. From your perspective, you still feel as though you need to invoke the Source, to invite it to act through you, to align with it in order to make change happen. What I see is that Source is acting, and has acted through you all along, unbeknownst to your mental awareness. What is, is one. There are no real divisions between us and Source, especially now in the Apocalypse, the Revelation. What Source (and Conscious Evolution) is doing is bringing your time and my time together in the Now. It is acting to reveal, in us, its own destiny of awakening. What we each are doing is realizing the action of evolution.

What may appear to you as action for the good of the future and the good of the planet, is in reality Source acting through you to affect this outcome. It is the same for vigilans. We are acting as Source in these same matters. The reason I will always return to the need for you to go within and realize the changes there first, is that you truly cannot change the world to make it better without first becoming the change your seek. If you do not dissolve the ego first, then the ego will take charge of the change, so to speak. And change will come to naught. Ego will not change; it must only dissolve and diminish.

Ego will always feel separate; it will always foster separation and defensiveness. This is the greatest challenge for all humans now. It is not about solving the environmental or economic crisis; it is not about how to raise better food and eat a better diet to improve your bodies; it is not about how to end war and corporate domination of your politics; it is not about how to correct the health care system from pharmaceutical company control. It is about how to see through the struggles of your time, and see through yourselves. See through what you have always believed yourselves to be—the separative ego identity. Become transparent to the individuated attachment to form and desire to improve forms—no matter how noble the cause may appear to your fearful minds.

Releasing your ego’s demand that the human species must survive, will allow you to see the greater picture with the clarity of Source. It is not to say you must turn against your species or against your ego. That would be the ego’s way. Just release. Just stop holding on. Let the form not be your identity. This becomes a blessing and not a sacrifice. The Earth is who you are, Conscious Evolution is who you are, Source is who you are. You are not home sapiens.

In the changing inner communion of your being, all else will be effected. As the ego is released from its dominion, your deep awareness arises. It comes through the heart, yes. It comes through the feelings that bring passion and power to your state of living. This is the empowerment, the Apocalypse. You will continue to take actions in the world. Let them be positive, nurturing actions that mean good and plenty for your fellow beings and for your future generations (vigilans). But take those actions, not that you may defend your species, or defend the Earth even. Take them out of response to (and in step with) the inner empowerment of Source, living fully within you, rising up like a fountain of truth, pouring forth its blessings into your experience of the world.

One more thing. Be graceful with your leadership today. Who the true leaders are will be obvious for anyone with an awakening soul. See them. Hear them. Follow them and allow them to lead you—as one. Do not divide against them or pull them down with your doubts and separative perspectives. Join together in the heart and radiate their leadership into the Earth for your time and for mine. Part of awakening is to know your place in the great spaciousness of Now. This means playing your role both as an individual and a member of the great evolving family of humanity—and beyond. Be of good cheer. Be as one.

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