Let’s Take the First Step Back to Sanity…

Oil spill, bp, unemployment, goldman sachs, bin laden, Afghanistan, rush limbaugh, rachel maddow, glenn beck, keith oberman, joe barton, nancy pelosi, john boehner, environmental catastrophe, gulf coast, health care, off shore drilling, stanley mcchrystal, john mccain, sarah palin, michelle bachmann, dick cheney, george bush, barack obama.

All these items or names are featured prominently in our daily news. They evoke an emotional response, however big or small, from most of us, and set the stage for our disposition to change it’s temperament and control our mood for an extended time. Perhaps you are riled up just from one of the above mentioned. Let’s try an experiment. Let’s see if we can neutralize the effect they have on our psyche.

Close your eyes and imagine all those items and names are points of light, out in front of your vision. You can hear chatter coming from those lights. The chatter, at first, fills your head with annoying sound, but allow the chatter to subside and the lights to become silent, just twinkling in the air. Now see those lights become one large sphere and see it move to a spot about 10 inches above your head. As it floats there, imagine something that brings joy into your life; a flower, a painting, a poem, a song or a face, and place it in the center of the sphere. Next, see the sphere move down into your head and feel it release the pressure of the noise from all sides of your skull. Let the sphere move into your throat and taste sweetness on your tongue. Once again, move the sphere into your stomach and feel it release all the tension in that spot 3 inches below the navel. Finally, move the sphere into your heart. Let it hover there for a while. Now let it expand, filling your entire body. Feel the balance it affords. The peace from within.

This is the state of appreciation. This state of appreciation comes from balancing the emotions and leveling the mind. It is the natural state of an evolved species and one that can be ours.

Have a great day…

ⓒ 2010 CosmicObserver


  1. Thank you for the meditation,we certainly need to maintain inner peace and calm in the midst of chaos and adversity. Like so many people, I wanted to blame the organizations such as BP for this horrific oil disaster,however, I saw that they were not soley responsible for this terrible error. We are all responsible for not pushing for better economical, natural resources such as geothermal and solar energy that could sustain and provide us with what we need to survive.
    Will BP be able to cap the well ? I guess we’ll know when hundreds of thousands of fish are dead? Birds finish dropping from the sky due to the fumes that penetrates the air? When the residents of Homa and other surrounding areas becomes ill and possibly die.
    Lets hope this peace and calm stay with us throughout this ordeal and may be live long enough to help those who will need much help in understanding that this is not the end of the world but a new beginning of change for all of us.


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