The Grass Roots of the Spiritual Movement

Last night I attended a workshop at the Sages Pages Bookstore in Madison, NJ. At first glance you think this is just another community book seller with the usual titles. Not so fast. Down the stairs, to the right and left and all around, is an abundance of mystical charms that will move any soulful aspirant to a mood of heightened Samadhi. The vibration alone is enough to open your Third Eye and give you glances of a world beyond 3D. Lillian, the joyous shop owner, is ready for any question on any subject. Her wit and upbeat demeanor is a welcome addition, in a world filled with cold shoulders and disinterested retailers.

This evening’s attraction is a wonderful monthly workshop and meditation with Ilona Anne Hress. Ilona is a healer. She heals beyond the needs of the body. She heals through the nuances of the spirit. Her approach is filled with laughter, inquisitiveness, application and sound. She makes light, she reads, she teaches and she sings. By the time the evening has ended you are in another world. You feel one with Peace and Light and Cosmic Fairy Dust. As I write this post I can say I am still reeling from the effects. I would recommend that any and all participate in Ilona’s world and she can be contacted through her website

So this is it. This is where it all begins. Not in the star laden hierarchy of the spiritual gurus or the new age wannabees. No this is a grass roots movement that is taking it’s energy from the sincere, awakened souls, that populate the hills and dales of our vast planet. The Dick and Jane crowd. This is where the movement is taking shape and this is where the movement is going to evolve. I pray that you realize, each one of you, that your addition to this movement is as important as any team that needs all of it’s players to win. The future holds magical things for humanity. It is not the apocalyptic vision that some of society imagine. That is only their ego’s fear that paints that picture. No, this is a world that has been envisioned in all the great minds and hearts of those who have brought Knowing to this realm of humankind. Krishna, Buddha, Christ – they all knew and tried to tell us. And we have laid dumb to their words. But change has come in our time and we are in the midst of a great shift. This shift is so great that in generations to come we won’t even recognize the beings we are now. It is a time of celebrations – through the very muck and mire of the ignorance that stands in our way – we move ahead. Strong in our knowing of what will come next, a life of Peace and Oneness and Appreciation of all that the Source, through Conscious Evolution, is giving us.

This is a great beginning people. Don’t be fooled by the tumultuous happenings of the moment. Remember, it is always darkest just before the dawn.

ⓒ 2010 CosmicObserver

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