One Nation, Independent through Conscious Evolution

It is July 3rd and I woke today to a [magic in the air.] I don’t know if it is the collective soul of the country, as we near our anniversary of independence… then again, I know it is. For I feel it is this Soul of our nation that is crying for clarity. This independence that has been our label for two plus centuries is mired in the present attitude of ignorance and power. There was oneness, at a time, that cried out among us. The strength of many through the wholeness of one force, one direction, that believed in an idea. An idea so proud that we had not seen it’s presence upon earth in our many lifetimes before. This is our spiritual Soul-ness, our higher intention that guides us here.

Now we are approaching the grand turn in our destiny. This movement of consciousness started back when men and women strived for greatness in thought and a heart filled with appreciation. The pride that was our founders lives in the light that guides our inner most dreams. The dream of being one with the planet and the system that it is a part of. The dream of a galaxy filled with wonders of exploration and a universe filled with dimensions we have yet to traverse. Here lies the idea of a new, evolved humankind.

There is surely a thread that ties us together. A Golden thread, that shimmers so subtle through our being we can only feel its resonance. And yet we stand dumb to accepting what will surely be. We cannot change the destiny that is before us. It is of cosmic making and we are merely the pieces on the board. We can wake to its knowing and become part of it or we can sleep in our uncomfortable egos and get lost along the way. Is this what our founders had in mind? Are we a sleeping nation, unaware of the greatness that lies ahead?

So let us wake tomorrow with a new voice. One of gratitude for the light that has been past down to us. Appreciation of who we are and where we are headed. For we cannot stop the evolution from happening. It is upon us and as strong as ever. We can ignore it for the sake of our own single needs and wants. But this thing that is so great, so much bigger than all that surrounds us, is a force that will push all that self serving aside. It will annihilate the foolish ego minds and present us with an idea that is beyond our imagination. And yet, those who imagine it will make it so.

ⓒ 2010 CosmicObserver

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