We Come to Earth Bearing a Gift

As we enter the physical realm from the souls world we bring with us a special gift to present to mother earth. This gift we bring is different for each of us, as we are individual souls and each of us has a singular essence. We are aware of this gift before the veil of forgetfulness clouds our minds and this gift seems lost forever, but deep within our physical body, in the center of the jewel that is our true essence, we know. The closer we get to awakening the more the heart cries for this gift, this awareness, to come into the light. Yet our poor egos cry out, ‘no this can never be.’ This child that we placate, and spoil and cherish, this little self of nothingness, begs for life as we move into a new state of understanding. But shining deep with our being lies this jewel of [Oneness.] As we awaken to a greater knowing this jewel shines brighter and the gift we carried on our journey becomes more apparent. It is the power of [Oneness] through the hearts of many. It is an energy so bold that it radiates beyond the cosmos into Source itself. This is our gift. It is there in every iota of life. It is time to open your conscious awareness and present your gift. The earth is waiting.

I would like to give a nod today to Ms Shannon Dunn joining the resonance from the other side of the planet, in New Zealand. You can journey through her blog ShannonDunn.com which is dedicated to better living through a more balanced state of being.

We are traveling in Vermont this week and enjoying the freedom that emanates through the soul of this state. Vermont is truly blessed to have continued the message our Founding Fathers had intended us to live by. Thank you Vermont. We salute you.

ⓒ 2010 cosmicobserver

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