The Dance of Maya माया (Illusion)

Do you believe in synchronicity? Yesterday I began a journey on the “Dance of Maya.” I felt an urge to write on the topic and placed the title in the header. As I stared at the title awaiting the words to brew forth from my imagination nothing occurred. I’ve had these moments before and so I decided to save my title for a more expressive day.

This morning I decided I had the inspiration I needed to complete my journey into maya, and again, as I  began to write, I realized that what I was searching for was still not attainable. There was emptiness in my writing that cried for help. I turned to my email as a distraction [for I find creative detachment sometimes produces interesting results] and found this wonderful creation forwarded to me from Robert. However intended, this piece fit my expression of maya so well that I thought I would present it to you.

“So life is an illusion and the dream is the true reality.”  © 2010 cosmicobserver

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