Atlantis – Pure and Simple

On August 12th Robert and I traveled down to Judy Welder’s farm outside of Asheville, NC. Our journey was taking us to a workshop with Randall Carlson. His topic was Atlantis and the evidence that this mythical land actually existed. Without going into the whys and wherefores of this full day’s workshop I can tell you that Randall’s research and evidence leaves one with the sinking feeling that we have been lied to all our lives about a fictional storybook land; and yes, this once great Pre-Platonic civilization did in fact exist. No need to elaborate because you are more than welcome to search into Randall Carlson’s livings and workings starting with his website and beyond that you can draw your own conclusion.

No, this writer is hear to tell you about Randall Carlson the Renaissance man. Having spent the better part of three days with Randall, both in the workshop and the intimate circle of a dining room table, I can safely say that this man resonates with both the world of science and the realm of the mystic.

From topics ranging from Atlantis to Sacred Geometry, home building to music and art, this guy has got it all. I’m always fascinated  when I meet someone who legitimately knows his stuff, with no ego as a foundation, but instead an enthusiastic passion for discovery. This is Randall Carlson.

I would implore you to discover yourself the many facets of Randall by tuning in to some of his workshops presently on youtube. You can start here

and the rest is up to you.

Now I would like to say a little something about my friend Judy Welder and  her amazing garden of delight nestled in the hills of western North Carolina. To all that attended the workshop she was the most gracious of hosts. Her easy manner and desire for a perfect space gave the 50 plus visitors a wonderland of spiritual aliveness and communal oneness. This was not the first workshop she presented but the first I was blessed to be present at. Her dream is to make this an ongoing event and to bring people together in the light of  truthfulness and expanding awareness. This is the Vigilan dream as well and our need for transmuting the ego species into the species of appreciation. We can all be a part of this transmutation, we just have to awaken to the light of the Source and breathe a new consciousness into our present mindset.

For me this past week has been transforming. New doorways have opened inside this consciousness and the journey has taken a new direction. Thank you Randall and thank you Judy for giving me the keys.

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