What Mysteries Dance and Call to Consciousness

Almost a month has gone by since my last post. I have been moving through space at a light speed pace. The movement of time has had no place in my little world. And now the magic is bubbling again. Those streams of golden threads that caress my imagination and fling my heart into uproarious emotions. The feeling so sweet that there are no words for their place in this life. And yet I write again, because the urge is upon me.

I had a dream last night and in the dream I saw humans only as soul essences. The glowing band that is so effulgent around their bodies spoke to me as though it was the only reality that mattered. It was moving me to tears and I knew I had crossed the barrier to none self.  For the first time there were no personal pronouns to describe this being. It wasn’t I, nor me, nor any version of that thing that describes the self, in a very self-ish way. It was just existing. There wasn’t a face to put to this being. How do you describe the nothingness of that ‘presence’ state? No, it is indescribable.

And so here we are again. There is greatness upon us in the form of the second installment of “Letters.” Robert has waited for this moment for some time and would know it only when that next poem filled his imagination. The poem has come and many more pages after that. We have decided to publish excerpts from the new information and as the days go by I will be doing just that. Today, however, I would like to present to you the poem in it’s full content. Let your minds drift away from the pattern of analogy and lilt on the breath of the words. Let your hearts know that we are destined for greatness and with joy and calm put your worries to rest.

ⓒ 2010 cosmicobserver

Poem Two

Open eyes upon the world,

our vision once begins.

Down under,

core of Source

is stirring, molten, swirling

like a lava,

like a lake of stinging fire

on the veil.

It is arising, and it’s burning,


dawning from the depths

of innocence through jaded

tempers of the mind.

Who is this mind

who thinks he rules this world?

Who thinks he can control

the Source of Power

down within?

What inevitable surprises are in store

for those who fear

and wish to denigrate the heart!

There is a withering upon us now

that will endure and multiply

until its burning hour is done.

It will not pause nor cease until

it has devoured the ancient calumny

of indignation, shallowness and shame.

The world of change has come

into the countenance of men.

Seek not for refuge

in the passing vestiges of time.

It is not there,

the succor you would find.

It is not there

within the frozen, turning, sliding into dark—

the world that’s fast eroding

into epochs of the

once before

but gone.

Seek not at all of anyone or anything.

who lures you to a form,

nor any who would offer you

a place upon that ground.

Release the clutching, catching

and the distance


that keeps you from the freedom

of the formless one,

the child of peace,

of home.

So, let the forms within you move

from deep within

and far below

the Earth.

It’s there that comes,

what is,

to surface in the moment of the pulsing

of an age—the end,

the culmination

and fruition of

the hapless world

that never


Copyright © 2010 by Robert Lee Potter

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  1. “A hapless world that never was.” That’s it in a nutshell! May we all come to realize the insubstantiality of form and the true “substance” of non-form or awareness itself, our true and ever-present abiding nature. Looking forward to more of this GREAT new material. Aum, Shanti, as we used to say back in the day, haha.


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