Meditation – Gateway to a New Consciousness

If all our senses come together to produce a singular, individuated perception of the universe, then how can we enter into states of meditation, as a group, and produce a significant force aligning with the rest of the energy of the universe? Over the past four Wednesday evenings we have brought together a small group of interested participants, who are dedicated to moving their individual energy into a positive oneness. Creating a space that is energized with expanded consciousness is a blessing in these times of discontent and malevolent underpinnings of social unrest. In the past, some 30 or 40 years past, there were those who frowned upon the idea of a peaceful, utopian way of life. You’re dreaming they would say, or you’re not being realistic. The concept of “being” and “reality” is a kind of paradox that makes up the truth of what [being really is.] Why shouldn’t humankind desire peace and love and  a utopian environment filled with excitement and joy and advanced concepts that drive the pure mind to greater heights? This is what we are trying to produce. There are pockets of meditation groups around the world with the same non-egoic beliefs. Perhaps this time we can make a difference.

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