Letter Twenty-Nine “Transiency of Form”

As the journey continues into new insights, we can feel a shift in the power of our thoughts. The mind is no longer hanging onto irrelevant egoic stories. In fact the ego is starting to bow under the pressure of surrender to the heart’s yearning. A yearning so deep that it compliments all the cosmos with its oneness light. There is no other way of being once this has pierced the intelligent mind. For this intelligence comes from beyond the veil of egoism. It comes from the very Source that has birthed it from the beginning.

“Ouch, that was abrupt! It feels like I’ve just put on an old, tight jacket. Are your there, O? Can you help?”

[Without any words, I suddenly see a gossamer vision of you appear before me across the room. You walk from the window and sit down at my worktable. This is the first time I’ve seen you in my own time and space. It sends a thrill into my senses.]

“O, you’re here. That’s wonderful. I’m better already.”

You know, I could have done this all along. But it would have disturbed you unnecessarily. So, hello soul friend, I am here at your request. How can I help?

[I stare into your face and your eyes for a few long breaths.] “Just seeing you again is a big help. I really like having you here. I can hardly believe you’re doing this. You must be aware of what I just saw in the future.”

Yes. [You smile.]

“Well, at the end of it I was suddenly feeling so powerless. A moment before that, I felt all the power in the universe at my fingertips. Where did it all go? Why can’t I feel it now, in my body?”

You can feel it, if you turn your attention to it again. The body and physical world is a mighty distraction for you humans, yes. [You look sympathetically at me.] Sometimes it can be difficult to turn your attention; I understand. But you can learn to see through the distractions, into reality. The trick is to remember how to see nothing—the Void—behind the forms. It’s like tuning into a radio signal. Or rather, it’s like tuning into the carrier wave behind all radio signals. Look first to the spaces between the stations.

“OK. You’ve been telling me this before. ‘Read between the lines.’ The Void is there all the time, behind everything. No thing is behind every thing. My mind doesn’t want to comprehend though, not really.”

Your mind wants the world to be fixed and solid—no mystery; it wants the outside, physical experience to give you all your answers. It wants the ‘concrete’ world to handle your enlightenment. The mind doesn’t trust the deeper you, which it cannot see. It wants to fabricate a controllable belief system.

[I again find myself staring at your eyes. They seem to be directing this whole conversation.] “My mind wants me to be enlightened?”

Yes, in its way. The mind and ego do want enlightenment. All your being wants this. The desire is an upwelling from the core of consciousness. As the pure desire rises through the layers of your manifested body on Earth, it becomes distorted by the various aspects of illusion. But at the heart of each thought and emotion you feel, even as humans, is the desire to expand your awareness. That is precisely what thought and emotion are—expansions outward from your inner spark of consciousness into the world.

I have told you before that you can start your journey into awakening even from the platform of the mind. Here’s the reason it can work. [You lean forward over my table and look intensely at me.] You can trace your own essence backward, down into its Source—down from the mind’s eye. From wherever you are, you may begin the journey to enlightenment—even while immersed in distracting thoughts. You may realize enlightenment from any state of consciousness or unconsciousness. Its all a matter of persisting on the path to Source. If this were not true, there would be no evolution at all.

“That is comforting. Let’s backtrack for a moment. I know that the Void is a wonderful, even essential experience from my own encounters with it. But why should this be important for humans in general? Don’t we have more urgent matters to pay attention to?”

Being able to see into the Void is the most urgent matter of all in the next few years of your time. Your illusion will be crumbling all around you in many ways. It obviously needs to. This is happening right now before your eyes—in your news media, in your politics, in your personal lives. Behind all that crumbling lie other illusions, ready to replace the one you’re currently in. If you do not comprehend what lies behind all the illusions, you will simply substitute one of these others for the current one. It may perhaps be fresher, shinier and more comforting for a while. But it will still be an illusion. The opportunity you now have, as a species, is to realize reality! To enter true empowerment, you must be able to touch the Source of your power. That would be the Void!

Copyright © 2010 by Robert Lee Potter

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