Enough Already…Let’s Move On

A day after this midterm election the pundits are wildly fantasizing about the future of our nation. Yes I said fantasizing. For isn’t this all one big fantasy that we have decided to participate in? If there is One Source responsible for “all that is” and if this one source has IMAGINED “all that is” and we are filters for this One Source to IMAGINE “all that is” – through us, and our EGOS are the FILTERS that think we are the authors of “all that is” than this is just one big fantasy. Whew!

Nothing is what it seems to our minds. We just keep making it up as we go along. And so it is with the midterm elections. We cry when we lose because we have been rejected. We cry when we win because we can’t believe we ‘ve been accepted. We are just ‘one screw lose’ away from complete insanity.

Poor ego. What do you have in store for us next? Couldn’t you just take a vacation, for at least a week, so we could get our sanity back? Is that too much to ask?

So now the cry for awakening is even stronger and the cosmic voice is resounding deep within us to make us sense what is truly our birthright.

Enlightened Awareness.

Come on people…it’s not that difficult to understand…just close your eyes and feel the astral wind lift your being off the physical ground. Up, up into the realm of magic that engulfs our form in joy. It’s subtle but it is achievable. I know you have it in you. Just IMAGINE IT and IT will be so.

cosmicobserver  2010

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