“Letters” Travels Down Under

As the circle  of resonance grows around the book it is strangely taking on a life miles from home. Through our dear New Zealand friend Shannon Dunn it has made its way west and north to Australia and into the hands of psychic  Rebecca Dettman.

“Psyched in Stilettos” is the nom de plume of this clear headed spiritual adviser with the clouds over her head instead of her head in them. Her website RebeccaDettman.com is a refreshing departure from the almost still hokus pokus realms of American and European followers of the new age banner. It brings a fresh look into the everyday needs of our spiritually overgrown society and puts “practical” back into the crystal ball mindset. She tells it like it is and not what you necessarily want to hear. Read her article on Eat, Pray, Love as an example.

For those of you who want the reality of this modern esoteric world, wrapped up in beautiful visuals and served with common-sense advice,  RebeccaDettman.com is what you are looking for.

If you would like to feel a closer connection to Rebecca you can visit this YouTube interview with reporter Zoe Sheridan.

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