And the Love Keeps Growing…

I would like to pass on to you portions of an email Robert and I received from our dearest new friend in Australia, Rebecca Dettman. It is with honor that I call her a friend, even though we have never met. Our friendship is tied to the vibration that is resonating and networking through Letters from 500 and our common acknowledgement of appreciation for each soul alive in this world. I have selected the portions of the email that refer to the book only out of respect for the author. I have also posted my reply.

Hi Robert and Stefan
Thought I’d email you both to say thank you AGAIN for all your warm words directed my way. The love just keeps going back and forth! I’ve now re-pointed to you in the ‘Media’ section of my website  and latest newsletter, which you may have seen.

I wanted to tell you from a deeply personal place something curious too… There’s no way to say this without sounding egotistical (ironic) but here goes!! For the past few years I’ve had a vision that comes and goes, of me healing/helping a lot of people when I’m a bit older (something like standing on a stage and talking to a large crowd). The message I kept saying over and over to the universe was, ‘I want to be able to do this as a completely pure white channel of light — if possible, totally free from ego’. When I walk off the stage I will still be completely flawed and human, of course  😉  but in the moments that count, my intention is to be as ‘clean’ as I can possibly be.

Then, about two months ago, Shannon told me about this book, and even though I knew almost nothing about it, I was completely magnetised to its energy and kept thinking, ‘I’ve got to read that book. I’ve got to read that book.’ Low and behold, I finally get a copy, and discover it’s about the eradication of human ego!!!! Clearly no accident. I really resonate with this theme, and the importance of losing this fear-based part of ourselves for much, much greater good…
…I also warmly and lovingly support you to really ‘own’ this message with certainty. Yes, it’s kinda out there to put up your hand and say ‘I channelled this and my gut feeling believes it’s really, really valid.’ So at the moment, you’re distancing yourself from that platform a little. I wonder how you will feel about your Letters in 10, 15, 20+ years’ time? Not to mention the world? 🙂  These are such exciting times we live in!

All my very warmest and supportive best

Dear Rebecca,

Yes the love keeps moving back and forth. This love is beyond the love that we all talk about in spiritual terms, that humans sometimes touch deep within the Monadic Heart. Yes, I’m feeling kind of giddy here with this, because in that deep space of knowing that has opened for us through “Letters,” there is a love that is spiraling out from the crown chakra and embracing all who are touched by it. This is what the ‘sons of god’ have been trying to tell us about for millennia. It’s so astounding that we cannot even murmur the feeling, though we open our mouths to express it and nothing comes out.
This dream/vision you are having is so much the personification of the Vigilan mindset  that I got a tingling sensation when I read your description. We are very fortunate to be in this space and time and to be aware of the awakening. We can only let it touch us as it moves into our consciousness and try to manifest it as best we human forms can manifest the divine. Not a simple task for a species wrapped in ego’s grasp. But, yet we somehow are getting it. We found the spark that has been searching for us for so long. Moving through the universe seeking the ones that would see its light and ignite it to a more visual expanse. This is what’s happening with you and Shannon and all of those who are connected to your world. O told Robert that this book would take on a life of its own and it surely has.
As the second book comes to completion the message is traveling deeper into the human psyche and the connection between our dna, our pineal gland and our monadic heart is fulfilling its purpose. There will be a transmutation and it is happening now, with us, with all of us. This is a great time to be alive.
I can hardly wait for more…


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