The Winds of Change

As the winds of change keep blowing steadily along, the gusts have kicked some debris and short sighted  those who were headed in the right direction. When will they learn that the mind, in it’s present state, is nothing more than a playground for the human ego? We must imagine a new way of sharing this planet with each other. A way in which our hearts lead the charge and our minds surrender to the heart’s call.

We move through the universe as a small segment of the unending cosmos, a trickle upon the grains of life. We boast of our existence as though it were the solitary sign of life among the giant floating systems throughout the universe and beyond. Such foolishness we humans abide by.

Fortunately there are greater beings than us. For we could not salvage what destruction we have made on our world. As those of greater minds and hearts, alive in other worlds and other dimensions, watch our childish transgressions, soon they will move upon us at the appointed time and transfer all power on this world from our hands to the next in line.

These are our successors. The next in the line of evolution. There is no ego here. There is only appreciation of form and formless.


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